A Bride Uninvited Her Bestie From The Wedding & Her Cake Demands Are Just Unbelievable

Imagine being uninvited from your best friend’s wedding and denounced of your role as the maid of honour but you’re still expected to bring the wedding cake on the big day.

Those were the demands one bride had for her ex-best friend, but the former maid of honour was not having it.

The woman who was uninvited from the wedding shared her story on the popular Reddit page Am I The A**hole, where she asked people if she was in the wrong for not bringing the cake to the wedding after what had happened.

The woman shared that she was uninvited from the wedding after “a dispute regarding my makeup, hair, and disinterest in the wedding.”

The woman noted she then cancelled the cake order because she wanted to be reimbursed for all of the investments she made for the wedding.

“I told the bride I wasn’t going to bring the cake over for them,” she wrote.

So when the new maid of honour went to pick up the cake, it obviously wasn’t there.

Luckily, the couple getting married managed to get their hands on another cake, but it wasn’t nearly as nice as the one they had initially ordered.

“The bride, groom, and my sister (who attended) told me it was unfair to cancel the cake. My sister thinks I should have let them enjoy their special day and then later discussed getting my money back,” said the Reddit user in her post.

“The bride refers to the cake as a gift and claims that a gift cannot be returned. The groom just agrees with literally anything his precious wife says.”

It turns out, after reading the entire background of the story, most people don’t think she’s an a**hole for cancelling the cake order.

“You don’t disinvite someone from a wedding and STILL expect a gift,” read the top comment under the post.

Another user agreed and commented, “I guess you could say the bride wanted to.. puts on sunglasses..have her cake and eat it too.”

“Yep, and there is NO WAY that the bride would have settled up after the wedding,” wrote another user. “She would have stuck to the this was your gift line.”

Others shared what they would have done in the same situation, and one user commented, “I would have paid for the cake, taken it home and took pictures of myself eating it.”


It seems like a lot of people are on the ex-best friend’s side and think being the bride doesn’t give you the green card to be unreasonable with your demands.

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