A Bride Wore Her Mom’s 1989 Wedding Dress at Her Own Wedding Rehearsal

  • Jaime Guillory tied the knot with her husband Preston in Laguna Beach, California, in April. 
  • For the wedding rehearsal, she wore an altered version of her mom’s original 1989 wedding dress. 
  • She told Insider she always wanted to wear the gown, which hadn’t been touched in over 30 years. 

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A bride who always dreamed of incorporating her mom’s original wedding dress on her own special day went viral on TikTok for doing just that. 

Jaime Guillory, who goes by @jaimeguillory on TikTok, shared a video on Sunday showing how she wore an altered version of her mom’s 1989 wedding dress at the rehearsal for her own wedding. The clip, which has amassed over 1.9 million views as of Friday, includes photos of the mom on her wedding day before cutting to videos and images of Jaime wearing it at her wedding rehearsal. 

Speaking to Insider via email, Jaime said she and her husband, Preston Guillory, hosted their wedding rehearsal and ceremony with family and friends in Laguna Beach, California, in April. She also said Preston thought the whole idea to wear her mom’s wedding dress was “the coolest” and that he was “blown away” when he saw her wear it. 

Jaime always wanted to involve her mom’s dress in her own wedding

Jaime, 27, said the decision to wear the dress was something she always had her mind made up about, having fallen in love with the dress from looking at her parents’ wedding photos growing up.

“I can’t recall exactly when the idea was planted, but ever since I can remember I wanted to wear it or incorporate it somehow into my big day,” she said.

The wedding dress hadn't been touched in over 30 years.

The wedding dress hadn’t been touched in over 30 years.

Merissa De Falcis Photography

When Jaime got engaged, one of the first things she did was ask her mom where her dress was, she said.

Together, they worked closely to get the gown, which Jaime said hadn’t been touched in over 30 years, flown in from where her mom is originally from in Massachusetts. 

Jamie's mom on her wedding day in 1989.

Jaime’s mom on her wedding day in 1989.

Courtesy of Jamie Guillory

Barely any adjustments were needed to transform the dress

Once they got hold of the dress, the task became getting it adjusted, though Jaime said it fit really well off the bat. 

“We had the slip dress and lace overlay hemmed from floor-length to hit just above my knees, in a high-low fashion,” she said. “We just made a few adjustments to the slip dress to make sure it fit like a glove, fixed one button on the back that had fallen off, and removed some additional beading that was on the bottom.”

Seeing her in the dress made her mom incredibly overjoyed as it was “beyond special and surreal” to see her wear it as an engaged woman, Jaime said. 

“My dad was emotional seeing me in the dress that his wife had worn on their wedding day,” she added. “It was really sweet.”

Jamie and her mom.

Jaime and her mom.

Merissa De Falcis Photography

One of Jaime’s bridesmaids, photographer Merissa De Falcis, helped capture photos from the wedding rehearsal. De Falcis told Insider over email that while she knew of the plan to repurpose the dress, she was awestruck seeing Jaime in the gown.

“My jaw literally dropped,” De Falcis said. “It was the perfect way to honor her mother and father’s marriage, while being able to wear a one-of-a-kind, vintage style that looked beautiful on her.”

And while Jaime loved that her rehearsal dress was vintage, full of lace and beads, she said she did enjoy getting to celebrate her personal style at her actual wedding — which is slightly different from her mom’s original dress. On Monday, she shared a follow-up TikTok of her wearing her own wedding dress to her nuptials, which has over 88,000 views.

“My wedding dress was extremely simple made with silk crepe, thin straps, and a low back,” Jaime said. “I am such a minimalist in all areas of life and I love simplicity and the notion that ‘less is more.'”