a European group of planes and a party in a castle

Isabel Juno and Alvaro Falco got married in a traditional Spanish wedding

They are already husband and wife. The traditional Mirabel Palace in Plasencia is dressed up for a party. The heroes of this party are Isabel Junot and Alvaro Falco. They weren’t destined to end up together, but they were destined to make the perfect aristocratic couple.

Alvaro, 38, is the only descendant of the Marquis of Cubas, Fernando Falco, who died in 2020, and Marta Chavarme. Born in Spain, he always escaped the watchful eyes of the press. Perhaps that is why he chose to study management, advertising and public relations abroad and then work as a creative at MacGuffin Agency in the United States.

While that The 30-year-old bride is American, although she has lived most of her life between Paris, London and Copenhagen. He chose Madrid to settle down. She speaks five languages, wanted to become an actress and studied at the University of Virginia. He shot his first movie before settling in Spain, body heightwhich premiered in 2015. Installed in Madrid, For Love, and turned into the world of Health Coach that promotes mindful eating.

Both are famous from the cradle. Possessing the noble title, she is the granddaughter of a politician and a millionaire Michel Junot and offspring Jean Andos JunoDuke of Abrantes and the general who fought alongside Napoleon, his title is inscribed on the Arc de Triomphe in Paris.

not only this, Isabelle’s father, Philip, was married to Princess Caroline of Monaco. The relationship lasted only two years, and according to rumors, it was dissolved due to infidelity scandals on his part. This is how the playboy gained fame. He paraphrased his story in the Danish model Nina Wendelbow Larsen, Isabelle gave birth to the fruits of that relationship.

She is married to Alvaro, and she has the nickname March. They met by chance on a ski vacation in Switzerland, but the admiration was to happen two years later at a party in Marbella.

The Great Spanish Wedding

The groom with guests: Los Del Rio, the Spanish group that created the hit song Macarena

This is how the international media launched the news that a significant part of the European aircraft group was collected. The initial idea was to say “I do” in Placencia Cathedral, where the groom’s parents had been married 40 years ago, and finally did so in the nearby chapel with 80 guests.

The celebration continued with a glamorous party for another 140 guests in the courtyard of the historic castle of Felkos. Prepared for the occasion, with a glass marquee decorated with white flowers, the dance continued until dawn.

Marta Ortega with her husband Carlos Torreta (Grospy Group)Marta Ortega with her husband Carlos Torreta (Grospy Group)

In the afternoon, the press was interested in the arrival of personalities who came from the United States, Denmark, France and Spain. Among the names highlighted by the media the most is Marta Ortega, president of Inditex, owner of Zara, along with her husband, businessman Carlos Torreta. Also highlighted was Xandra Falcó, cousin of the groom and present-day Marquise of Mirabel. Model Eugenia Silva was also present. Prisca Pérez Pla de Alvear was the most commented on because of her avant-garde look. The list is supplemented by aristocratic surnames: Cortina, Coy, Lapic, Hidalgo.

    Prisca Perez Bella Purple and Mustard Two Pieces Look (Grosby Collection) Prisca Perez Bella Purple and Mustard Two Pieces Look (Grosby Collection)

marquise dress

Isabel Junot wore an elegant and simple piece. Silk crepe design with French sleeves, balconette collar and long train from the National Company: Pronovias. He was the creator of the dress Alessandra Renothe technical director of the company, and the craft took about 200 hours.

Like a princess, she wore an amazing look on her head A crown of diamonds and pearls from the nineteenth century, lThe same dress she wore on her wedding day, Marchiones Mirabel. The jewel is part of the family group, as it belongs to the great-grandparents’ great-grandparents of French origin.

The bride wore an elegant and simple piece from PronoviasThe bride wore an elegant and simple piece from Pronovias

There was a change of party. The bride opted for a more relaxed look that included a cropped blouse with a collar and elbow-length sleeves, accompanied by a maxi skirt with ruffles that gave her movement.

The great European banquet was led by a chef Mario SandovalTwo-Michelin star, who created a cocktail of specials and then a first course, meat and dessert. The specialist fulfilled all the whims of the bride and groom. “We are able to make dreams come true and create unique experiences that will remain in the memory forever. Our proposals have a common thread, a story that tells us about Spanish cuisine, but also about its lands and people.”

There are no details yet on where the honeymoon will be, and they don’t intend to comment on it. They dream of keeping traditions and customs out of the press… as they have tried until today.

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