‘A good friend wouldn’t act this way’

A woman is furious with a bride for holding her bridesmaid dress hostage.

With just four days until the wedding, the bridesmaid still had not received the dress nor had any idea what it looked like or if it was the correct size. She asked Reddit’s “Wedding” forum for advice.

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“This is so frustrating! I’ve been contacting the bride/my best friend for months. I travelled from another country for her wedding,” the bridesmaid said.

The bride brushed her off when the bridesmaid tried to collect the garment.

“I knew the bride was home so I was like I’m in the area can I just drop by and pick up what I need to pick up and the bride tells me ‘sorry I’m eating.’ Like you can’t pause for 2 seconds to just hand me something? I’ve been calling and texting her but she’s leaving me on read. I don’t know what to do…. I’m 90% sure the dress won’t fit,” the poster wrote.

Redditors felt the bride was behaving inconsiderately.

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“This is just ridiculous. Bride or not, a good friend wouldn’t act this way,” a person commented.

“Its sounds like she may be unjustifiably mad at you and is acting passive aggressive,” another said.

“What a nightmare, I hope everything is concluded in a satisfactory manner,” a user posted.

The bridesmaid provided an update. She received the dress two days before the wedding — and it was way too small. The Reddit poster declared that the “friendship is over.”

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