A Moveable Upper West Side Wedding – West Side Rag

Photographs by Philip Greenberg.

Christine Wekilsky and Neil Marchi wended their way to the altar on December 30, 2022, through the Upper West Side, stopping at some of their favorite spots along the way. It was cocktails and appetizers at The Ellington on W. 105th and Broadway, vows at the Nicholas Roerich Museum on W. 107th near Riverside Drive, then back down to Manhattan Valley Cuisine of India on Broadway and 100th Street for dinner and a celebration. “We are so happy we decided to make our wedding local,” Ms. Wekilsky wrote to the Rag. “We wanted to support and thank and celebrate the places and people that we love. And now we have these special spots to always go back to.”

Here’s a recap of the event in Ms. Wekilsky’s words.

“We started our day from our apartment on 99th and Broadway with a stop at the “Wing” mural between 97th and 98th for a photo op.”

“From there we strolled with the Best Men (Neil’s sons Oscar and Julius) and my Matron of Honor (sister-in-law Della), up to The Ellington. We love its history, the fact that it was once the home of Ida and Isidore Straus, famous lovers who died on the Titanic. They also co-owned Macy’s, host of the Thanksgiving Day Parade, which we love.”

“The party of 18 then wove its way to the Nicholas Roerich Museum at 107th between Riverside and West End Avenue. We love art and this treasure of a museum, so it was the perfect venue.”

“Finally, we paraded down Broadway, stopping to buy confetti from a street vendor, which we exploded in front of our final destination, Manhattan Valley Cuisine of India. The flowers we selected that morning from our favorite outside vendor in front of Health Nuts were arranged in the restaurant’s copper mugs.

“It was a beautiful day full of love and spirit and neighborhood vibes!”