A Wedding First – The Little Las Vegas Chapel Marries a Man and a Can

Las Vegas, the Wedding Capital of the World, is used to seeing couples of all types tie the knot. Whether it’s a traditional nuptial exchange (well, as traditional as you can be with Elvis walking you down the aisle) or a spooky swap of ‘I do’s’ on Halloween, there is a 100% chance that the city has seen it, put a veil on, and married it.

Yep, in a town where weddings happen as often as you check your social media feed, you’d think not much would be surprising. Well, update your status, put on your ‘do not disturb’ and pour yourself a drink because you are wrong.

This week Las Vegas was the site of a wedding between a man and a … can. You read that right, a man married a can in Vegas. Aside from the awesome rhyming of the story, the wedding didn’t just tie together your average can to a man. It was a can of Hard Dew Mountain Dew (Mountain Dew + alcohol), you know, because Vegas.

Besides, what man does not like a good set of cans?