A Wedding Photographer Had a ‘Bridgerton’-Inspired Photo Shoot

Photographer Cristeal Felien and wedding planner Michelle of Nixi Weddings decided to create a “Bridgerton”-inspired wedding shoot after Felien saw posts about the show on Instagram.

Cristeal Filean created a “Bridgerton” wedding photo shoot.

Cristeal Felien Photography

Felien told Insider she was inspired by the classic beauty of Regency-era romance, and she thought the aesthetic of the series would translate well for a wedding.

A bride and groom kiss in a field as the bride's veil flies up.

The shoot was themed around the show.

Cristeal Felien Photography

Felien and Michelle worked with a team of all women-owned small businesses in California to make their vision a reality.

A groom brushes a bride's lip with his thumb as they sit on a couch behind an ornate table.

A team of vendors created the shoot.

Cristeal Felien Photography

The faux wedding brought Penelope Featherington and Colin Bridgerton together, but the models Felien enlisted, Courtney and Ethan, are a real couple.

A bride sits on a couch outside and a groom sits next to her.

The models were a real couple.

Cristeal Felien Photography

“There is something so special when somebody is genuinely in love with the other person that you can’t really replicate,” Felien said of photographing a real couple.

A bride and groom kiss as her veil flies up in front of trees.

Their love shined through.

Cristeal Felien Photography