A Wedding TikToker Shared How To Split Up Bridesmaid Duties & Brides Are Loving The Advice

Planning a wedding is no easy task and the day of the wedding can come with a whole host of stressful situations for the bride.

TikToker Sophie Temple, who says she’s a 2023 bride, is sharing a list of bridesmaid jobs that she says will help make the big day less stressful, and other brides are loving the advice.

In the video, Temple breaks it down into eight jobs.

“First we have our content queens so this is going to be behind the scenes taking pictures,” she says. “They’re going to be posting on your Instagram story. They are going to be taking transition videos for your TikTok of you getting ready.”

Next up is the “breakfast bestie” who Temple says will be in charge of everyone’s coffee order and making the breakfast run the morning of the wedding.


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Then it’s the “groomsmen wrangler” who is making sure the groomsmen “are on time, dressed and ready for the ceremony.”

The “playlist princess” role should go to someone who always has the best songs and will make sure you have the perfect playlist while you get ready.

The “detail diva” is there to make sure no one has “hair ties on their wrist” and that everyone left their Apple watches at home so the devices aren’t in any photos. This person is also in charge of making sure everyone has steamed their dress the night before the wedding.

Next up is the “pee pal” which is super important, according to Temple.

“Your pee pal needs to be someone you’re really close with — your sister, your maid of honour — someone you’re comfortable with because God forbid it’s your time of the month on your wedding day.”

The most organized of your friends should be named the “timeline babe” to ensure that everyone is sticking to the timeline the day of the wedding.

As for your toughest friend, Temple recommends making them the “buzz killer boss b*tch.”

“She’s making sure that nobody is getting sloshed before the ceremony, no one’s getting a little too intoxicated and swaying as they walk down the aisle.”

Many people who have watched the video appreciate Temple’s advice with one person saying “yes yes yes” and another writing “love this.”

One TikToker found it amusing that the bridal party has to check-in on the groomsmen, and we all know it’s true.

“I just find it funny the bridal party still has to look after the groom’s party to make sure they’re doing alright🤣,” they wrote.

Another commenter adjusted one of Temple’s tips suggesting that the “content queens” be ready first.

A lot of other people who, based on their comments, will have a smaller wedding party said multiple friends will be pulling double duty.

“Bold of you to assume I’ll have more than 3 bridesmaids 🤣 phew my girls are gonna have a lot of jobs assigned to the,” one person said.

If you’re wondering about groomsmen, don’t worry because Temple has you covered. The TikToker made a list of groomsmen jobs in a follow-up video.

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