Adele Signs A Bride’s Wedding Dress During Her Las Vegas Residency Show

Adele made a newlywed couple very happy during her Las Vegas residency over the weekend. On Saturday, Adele signed a bride’s gown mid-show for two lucky fans. Adele noticed Gaby and Evan were dressed in their wedding attire during “Weekends with Adele.” Adele asks the pair, “Did you just get married?” “You married today? Congratulations!” Adele approached the couple while performing “When We Were Young” as the groom hand Adele a marker to sign his bride’s dress. Gaby captioned the Instagram video “Weekends with Adele.” “My world is made- found the love of my life, and this man was determined to have Adele sing at our wedding… 7 years later, all our dreams came true. Thank you, Adele, for creating the memory of a lifetime for us.”