After Losing Her Father To Cancer, Bride Gets His Words Embroidered On Veil

Bride Suvanya got part of her father’s letter embroidered on her veil.

Bridal outfits mean so much more when they carry a personal touch to them. A bride understood how she could add more meaning to her bridal lehenga. She carried the memory of her late father to her wedding by getting a part of his letter embroidered on her veil. Bride Suvanya showed up at her wedding in a red lehenga set designed by Sunaina Khera. What caught our attention was the story behind her embroidered veil. The bride narrated the tale of her father’s letter in a video released on social media. 

The caption read, “Bride Suvanya got her father’s letter embroidered on her dupatta and that’s absolutely heartwarming.”

In the clip, Suvanya revealed that she lost her father to cancer in May 2021. She said, “the emotional turmoil of not having him around will always get to me. Logical or not, I really wanted to feel his presence at the wedding, in a way that I can always hold on to, just like his letter.” That’s why she picked the phrase “My heart to yours” from her father’s letter and got it embroidered on the veil of her lehenga.

The letter was written and gifted to Suvanya by her father on her last birthday. She said in the video, “He had carefully crafted it with utmost honesty and love, in an attempt to convey what I mean to him.” She added, “I got it framed and would read it every time I felt alone. I think it will take me a while to read that letter again.”

Here is the video where Suvanya talked about the special bridal veil:

“Love this,” wrote one person in the comments section. “So beautiful,” said another.

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