Alarming video posted by ‘Bride and Prejudice’ star Tori Ciseau resurfaces

An alarming video has resurfaced that ‘Bride and Prejudice’ star Tori Ciseau posted just days before her death.

In the video, which was reported on by So Dramatic!, Tori tells her followers that she is disabling her social media account permantly.

“So this is it,” she began the video. “I’m shutting down my Instagram after this, for good.

“I got this platform from Bride and Prejudice. I had my husband at the time and he’s no longer here, and I feel that every time I post, I have to post about my girls.”

She added that she “doesn’t want to exploit their [her daughters] life” online.

“I don’t want to post about them. I don’t want to post about myself anymore,” she added.

In the video, which was posted to Tori’s Instagra story, she tells her followers that people often ask her how she gets through the trauma of losing her husband James. James died in a tragic car accident last year, and Tori committed suicide almost a year after losing him on January 1st, 2023. She leaves behind two daughters aged three and six.

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“I still don’t know how I’m getting through [it],” she said in the video. “I don’t believe that I can give any advice to anyone and I just want to live a normal life from here on out.”

She added: “I just don’t believe that this platform is correct and especially for my girls… And I don’t want to act like I know what to do when you’ve gone through so much tragedy.”

Tori issued a warning to her followers, claiming that socila media is “the devil”, and said that she shouldn’t feel as though she has to share any of her life with anyone.

“For anyone out there that does want some advice — watch out,” she offered. “Social media is the Devil.

“You’re made to feel like you have to give things of your life when you don’t. I don’t need to give you anything about myself or my kids because I’m done, okay?”

“I do thank you for following me, that’s great, but other than that, this is literally just the end and I can’t deal with it anymore.”

Ciseau met her husband James on the third season of Bride and Prejudice. The couple married in 2019, but James died in a car accident in November 2021. By that time, however, the two had separated.

Despite their differences, Ciseau expressed her grief at James’ death. Writing on Instagram, she said: “One day I will wake up from this nightmare… One day we will all be together again. Until then your two beautiful baby girls will grow up in your legacy. Everything we had planned with the girls I promise I will for fill [sic].”

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