Alexa Bliss on The Miz upstaging her for her wedding

Former RAW Women’s Alexa Bliss shared what went on during her wedding, especially with having an A-Lister as a guest.

It’s no secret that The Miz doesn’t shy away from the spotlight. Whether that may be from the lights of the ring, movie sets, or even reality shows, it seems like he does not mind the attention. However, it looks like Mike Mizanin is different.

During an interview with WWE Deutschland, Alexa Biss opened up on her hilarious interaction with The Miz before the ceremony. In the interview, she shared that he was worried about upstaging her. But, the bride assured him to do what he wants and to have fun.

“Mike was so concerned he goes, ‘Well, what do I do because I don’t want to upstage you’ … I was like, ‘Mike, no matter what when people see my dress and me, you’re not going to upstage me,’ so I was like, ‘Do whatever you want, have fun,’ and they had fun … he did his entrance and they had a great time I’d like to think, it was so fun,” she said. [H/T Wrestling Inc.]

The former RAW Women’s Champion married musician Ryan Cabrera in April 2022 in Palm Desert, California.

Alexa Bliss shares the gift she received from The Miz and Maryse

Speaking on the same interview, Little Miss Bliss revealed that she received a special gift from the must-see couple.

Alexa Bliss shared that since she wasn’t a high-heeled person, The Miz and Maryse gifted her an “all-rhinestoned Chuck Taylor” shoe.

“I live in sneakers and I live in combat boots, that’s it. So, I wore these wedges for the ceremony, but for the reception, I wanted like rhinestoned sneakers that I ended up buying, but then Mike and Maryse sent me a cooler pair so I wore those and it was so fun.”

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Bliss is back in action on RAW, where she recently teamed up with Liv Morgan for a Women’s Money in the Bank qualifying match. Meanwhile, The Miz recently shared a segment with Paul Heyman and Riddle for Miz TV.

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