All the Details on Michelle Young & Nayte Olukoya’s Wedding Plan

E! News: What were the code names?

MY: Mine was “Red” because the whole season it was this really funny inside joke about how he’s my personal walking red flag. So, in my phone it’s “Red.” And then my name was in his phone backwards.

NO: Backwards, yeah. I’d spell her name backwards. And then when I was talking to my friends and I’d be going to go see Michelle, for my friends who did know, we’d just say “Charles.” So, “Yeah, I’m about to go see Charles,” my stepdad. So, for whoever didn’t know they just think I’m hanging out with my stepdad. 

E!: You guys got a down payment on a home and had mentioned you were already looking for a house. Nayte, you’re coming to Minnesota. Did this change your plans of what you were looking for?

MY: I don’t know if it changed anything too much, more just kind of really expedited the process by a few months. But ideal home, I don’t know, I feel like we’re more modern people. But like we are OK with putting some sweat equity into the home, making it our own, putting our own little touches on it. So, we’ll make it feel like home wherever it is.

NO: I don’t think it’s fully hit us yet, so once this is all done, we’re definitely going to be looking, updating our searches a little bit.