Ami Patel: Beach wedding ready

Here’s how you can keep your frizz-prone hair in check and looking great as you celebrate your big day on the beach

Beach bride

I want a beach wedding but I’m worried about my hair, which gets extra curly with humidity. Can you recommend a hairstyle to keep my mane in check?

—Aastha Saini, Mumbai

Go for loose, beachy waves. Add a few tiny rosettes to create a bit of a bohemian look. Or, go for a loose braid or a French braid with twisties on the side and flowers running down its length.

Some excellent products can keep your hair from getting too frizzy, such as Moroccan oils. Even though you can go for a bedhead or beachy look, it doesn’t need to be frizzy.

For a more formal look, apply some gel and tie a sleek, low bun. Accessorise it with a bridal maang tika and some statement earrings.

Ami Patel is a celebrity fashion stylist, image consultant and faculty with the Art of Living

From HT Brunch, January 23, 2022

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