Amrit Kapai & Nicholas Kouchoukos Tease Three-Day Wedding on ‘Family Karma’

Wedding bells are ringing!

Family Karma is heating up for the second half of season three. As the remaining episodes approach, fans finally get to see Amrit Kapai and Nicholas Kouchoukos’ beautiful wedding play out.

“We’re so grateful for Bravo TV. Bravo’s allowed us to tell our story, to have people relate to us, and to have our story resonate with the community,” Kapai tells PRIDE.

Amrit and Nicholas both struggled with accepting their sexualities growing up, so the couple is thrilled that their story is getting a happy ending.

“It is an epic ceremony. You can have the wedding of your dreams,” Kouchoukos says.

“Indian weddings are three days long. You’re just going to see it all. It’s not just a wedding… it’s much more than that. It was our chance to show the community and the world that you can get married if you’re gay. You can have that big gay wedding. You can have children. You can have a family. You can have it all,” Kapai adds.

Speaking of children, the hubbies are exploring their options in the upcoming episode of Family Karma. In the exclusive clip below, the couple chats with a doctor on the possibility of having twin babies.

Amrit Kapai and His Fiancé Nicholas Would “Ideally” Like to Have Twin

As the husbands showcase their journey on screen, Kapai is hoping any younger fans can resonate with their story by watching the show.

“When I was struggling with my sexuality growing up, I wish I had someone on TV that looked like me… that had my color skin, that was Indian, that came from the same sort of background. I wish I had that. It would have made me feel less alone and less isolated. Hopefully, I and us together are going to do that for other people,” Kapai concludes.

Family Karma airs Sunday nights on Bravo. To see the full interview with Amrit and Nicholas, check out the video below.

Amrit Kapai & Nicholas Kouchoukos Tease Three-Day Wedding on ‘Family Karma’