Amy Roloff Confirms Wedding Date, Wonders: Should I Get Married on the Farm?!?

Amy Lorov found her dream man.

But is planning her second marriage a nightmare for these four mothers?

In a brand new episode of Little People, Big World on Tuesday night, all eyes focused on Amy, her fiancé Chris Marek and just a question. Where The eyes of their loved ones will be found in a few months.

That is, it looks like this:

Will Amy and Chris really get married at Lorov Farm?

“It’s August 28th,” Amy told Marek in this latest article, fully confirming the date of her next wedding, teasing Marek that everything was “stoned.”

“Now I’m not going back, baby,” she added.

Lorov had previously hinted at this on Instagram Will be the date of her marriage..

She and Chris haven’t (at least generally) consolidated the aforementioned family property as a final choice, but in this episode told Amy’s ex-husband to keep August 28 open.

Matt Lorov is currently the only owner of the farm, and Amy wanted to make sure it would remain an option for as long as possible.

Even if it’s not her ideal place.

For understandable reasons.

“Because Lorov Farm is our Plan B, we wanted to make sure Matt wasn’t doing anything that day, or was planning something else to happen on the farm,” Amy said of the TLC camera. Told to.

“So I wanted to let him know as soon as possible,’Whatever you are planning, don’t plan it that weekend.’”

Amy said this, but Marek admitted this week that she wanted to get married where her daughter Molly got married in 2017.

About Lorov Farm.

Amy Lorov and Chris Marek are in love

Chris with Matt Carin Chandler At first I brought it out early in the season.

However, Amy still needs to be persuasive.

She just recently left the farm after spending decades as an owner and resident.

It represents her past, not her future.

Laughter with Chris

“I’m glad Matt provided it,” said Amy, who was engaged to Chris in September 2019.

“But when he said that, there was uncertainty that I wanted to do something, and he said,” No, that won’t happen, Amy. I don’t want it here. “

“Anything. Probably a little awkward and a little stressful.”

Amy Lorov opens


Planning a wedding that takes into account the feelings and business interests of your ex-husband is arguably awkward and stressful.

Meanwhile, in April 2020, Amy and Chris said that both Matt and Carin would be invited on a special day, but were not “obliged” to attend.

Chandler didn’t sound very excited about the outlook on her side.

Amy Lorov and Chris Marek's Gram

“that is They don’t seem to be invited“Amy told Weekly at the time.

“We already have the impression that they are not what they want to go to,” Marek added.

“They are welcome if they want to come. We don’t want anyone to come from duty to our wedding. The wedding should be about good friends and close family. And I’m Matt. I like.

“I’m on good terms with him and Carin, but we’re not friends to hang out. We don’t do things together.

“They are welcome if they want to come, but I don’t want them to feel obliged.”

Amy Lorov seems hesitant

Amy’s summary at the time:

“He is the father of my children. I have been married to him for a long time. He is the grandfather of my grandchildren.

“They are welcome.

“But as Chris said, and I fully agree, I’m inviting them, so I just don’t want to invite anyone.”

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