And Just Like That: Carrie’s 10 Best Outfits

Many fans were initially concerned whether And Just Like That would successfully carry over the same themes of friendship and love with a backdrop of New York glamour that Sex And The City did so well. Luckily, the new series certainly has the same feeling as the original, but the characters are at a different stage of life (and Samantha is nowhere to be seen).

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Carrie Bradshaw is just as glamorous and fashionable as ever, despite the emotional turmoil that she endures through in the series. While some of her outfits are simply drop dead gorgeous, others are hilarious or incredibly meaningful. Here are the best of Carrie’s outfits from the series.

10 The Odd Neighbor Outfit

When Carrie begins smoking again, she allows herself just one cigarette a day. Concerned that her clothes and apartment will smell, she goes for a walk around the block wearing multiple scarves and latex gloves.

This outfit makes the cut because of its humorous nature. It is certainly not a fashionable outfit and, to make matters worse, Carrie bumps into a cool, new neighbor with whom she already has an awkward relationship and whom she is worried sees her as old. Although this is certainly not one of Carrie’s most glamorous ensembles, it is one of the funniest and most memorable.

9 The Engagement Party Outfit

Carrie smiles while holding glass in and just like that

When Carrie’s co-worker invites her to a party in the final episode of the series, Che’s podcast producer tells her that he would like to produce a podcast of Carrie’s, where she will provide guidance on love. Carrie is wearing a teal dress with white flowers and a white lace jacket.

In this scene, her floral dress symbolizes new beginnings as she is starting her own podcast and scattering Big’s ashes. Carrie’s life changes drastically on And Just Like That as she has been trying to get through emotionally turbulent time but by the final episode, she is finding a way to create a new, joyful life for herself.


8 The Walking Around New York Outfit

Carrie sitting on steps outside looking sad on And Just Like That.

After Carrie discovers that Big’s ex-wife Natasha is going to get some of his inheritance, she can’t seem to sit still. Carrie feels angry towards Big and feels like to needs to keep moving to avoid those feelings. She walks around New York for hours wearing a cream and purple patterned dress and chunky high heels.

The most striking thing about this outfit is that Carrie wears very high heels to walk around New York. Both fans and Miranda notice how impressive this is and Carrie replies that they’re her “sneakers.”

7 The Return To The Old Apartment Outfit

Carrie wears a white skirt and stripey top in and just like that

After attending Che’s comedy Netflix special, Carrie feels compelled to return home to her old apartment instead of her current home. When her coffee machine breaks, she goes to her old, local shop wearing a long, flowing white skirt and a multicolored, striped top.

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Carrie being in her old apartment means Carrie has access to her former wardrobe. This outfit is very much something Carrie would wear in Sex And The City, and she even wears her hair voluminous and wavy, like in most of the original series. This outfit is a mark of Carrie working out who she was before Big.

6 The Post Physical Therapy Outfit

Carrie wears an evening dress in and just like that

Following Carrie’s operation, she wears comfortable clothes while she recovers. However, after completing her physical therapy sessions, she debuts in a long multicolored, sparkly dress and gold heels.

For Carrie, fashion is a way of expressing herself and showing up for herself. It is clear that, following her operation, Carrie experiences regular low moods and feels vulnerable. However, when she gets her mobility back, she feels herself again and goes all out in this glamorous outfit, celebrating getting to wear heels again.

5 The Funeral Outfit

Carrie standing behind a row of white chairs in all black at Big's funeral in And Just Like That.

After Big dies, Carrie attends his funeral wearing a black top, a puffy, white skirt, white heels, pearls and a black head piece. It is a very classic but sleek and stylish outfit.

Despite the emotional turmoil that Carrie is living through when she attends Big’s funeral, Carrie still puts a lot of effort into choosing a phenomenal outfit that is perfectly suited for the situation. SATC fans know Carrie’s personality: no matter what she is going through, she always looks the part. Fashion is so important to her, even when she is grieving.

4 The Diwali Outfit

Carrie dress for Diwali celebration And just like that

When Carrie’s friend and realtor invites her to a family Diwali celebration, Carrie is initially concerned that wearing a saree would be cultural appropriation. However, Seema explains that she sees this situation as cultural appreciation rather than cultural appropriation.

Carries wears a red, blue and gold outfit with a pink and purple flower hair piece. The outfit itself is absolutely stunning and Carrie adores enjoying and celebrating the fashion of another culture in one of the best outfits of And Just Like That.

3 The Versace Outfit

Carrie in her Versace dress eating by the window in And Just Like That

Episode 8 of the series sees Carrie going through her former wardrobes and deciding what to put into storage. Upon finding a brown and blue Versace ball gown, she explains to Seera that she has only worn it twice: once in Paris and once in her apartment window eating Jiffy Pop, just for fun.

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At the end of the episode, Carrie wears it again sitting in her window eating Jiffy Pop upon realizing that some things are meant to be used and shouldn’t end up in storage. At this moment, Carrie is realizing how to incorporate joy into her life once more.

2 The Wedding Shoes Outfit

Carrie wearing her wedding shoes in and just like that

When Charlotte convinces Carrie to change her plan to attend her daughter Lily’s music concert, Carrie wears pearls, green trousers, a white shirt and, most importantly, the shoes Big proposed to Carrie with which is a big SATC easter egg, and the shoes she wore for their wedding. This is the outfit Carrie is wearing when Big dies.

Of course, this is the most heart-wrenching and shocking moment of the series. Importantly, when Carrie rushes over to Big to hold him, her wedding shoes fall off, symbolizing the end of their marriage.

1 The Paris Outfit

Carrie looks sad in and just like that

When Carrie eventually decides where to scatter Big’s ashes, she heads to Paris alone. She scatters Big’s ashes in a river, wearing a puffy orange dress, pink gloves and carrying an Eiffel Tower handbag.

Carrie dresses up to say a final goodbye to Big: she is alone and on a bridge, she has not dressed up for any other reason. Fashion is very important to Carrie, and dressing up so formally for the occasion is a way of her honoring Big’s memory. Carrie standing on a bridge in Paris in this outfit is one of the most meaningful and heartfelt moments of the series.

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