Angry bride screams | Bride yells at DJ for failing to play entry music in viral video

A bride was seen annoyed in a viral video. She turned impatient after the DJ failed to play her entry music on time. She even stated that she would not enter the hall with the right music. Netizens were divided on the bride’s attitude. Watch the viral video below.

Updated Mar 11, 2023 | 05:45 PM IST

The bride was annoyed and screamed.

Photo: Instagram/the_wedding_dance_india


  • A bride was disappointed after the DJ forgot to play her entry music on time.
  • The annoyed bride said she would not enter without her song.
  • Netizens were divided on the bride’s angry moment.

Many girls turn bridezillas on their wedding day. They would not want anything less than perfection and sometimes their reactions can be quite explosive. One bride was waiting to enter the hall on cue of her entry song. Unfortunately, the DJ messed up and the bride could not take it any more. She yelled and even stated that she wouldn’t enter the hall without the music of her choice.

In the video posted on Instagram by a page named the_wedding_dance_india, the bride can be seen upset with the situation. While the others by her side are trying to calm her down, the bride is heard saying, “1 minute 18 seconds se bajao (play the song from 1 minute 18 seconds).” She also added, “Main nahi jaungi (I will not make an entry).”

The text embedded in the video stated, “Pov: you are so impatient and so particular about entry song.”

The clip was posted on Instagram with the caption, “This is so funny so I decided to share it with you all. Being a filmy girl so particular about my entry song and that DJ was. But iske bad to pura dance event shuru ho gaya tha (But after this I will share the glimpses of the entire wedding).”

The video amassed a lot of reactions. One user stated, “I don’t think it’s so funny asking for the exact tune as it’s once in a lifetime moment and one should do all to make it special.”

Another stated, “If it’s that special then she should hav cared to make a composition of the music she want in a pen drive instead.”

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