Anitta and her sisters wear matching outfits on vacation

Anitta knows how to have a good time, especially when she’s in the company of her best friends.

The Brazilian superstar posted a fun video on Friday, February 4, showing her having an absolute blast with her “sisters,” Luiza Rangel and Isabela Rangel Grutman. While the singer isn’t actually related to these two, they’re clearly very close, all wearing matching outfits as they dance around in front of a tropical backdrop.

For the video, all three women are wearing a different version of matching sets with the same exact pattern: a rainbow tiger print reminiscent of Lisa Frank. Anitta opted for a bikini top and some sheer pants, Luiza wore high-waisted bottoms and a button up, and the birthday girl rocked a mini skirt with a ruched T-shirt on top.

“The bday girl and her sisters( @rangelluiza ). No words can explain how much I love you @isabelagrutman,” she wrote in her caption. “I would stop everything in my life to be by your side.”

Later in her dedication, she explains that these two might not be blood, but she has welcomed them into her family and wouldn’t change a thing.

“My family is always getting bigger and bigger cuz thank God sometimes I get angels who fell from the sky straight up to my life,” she wrote. “HAPPY BDAY ISAAAAAAAAAAA.”

Isabela is the wife of Dave Grutman, an entrepreneur who owns several Miami-based restaurants and night clubs. The two got maried in 2016. Because of his job, Dave boasts a long list of famous friends, and clearly, so does his wife.

Rangel is a model from Minas Gerais, Brazil. She is signed to Wilhelmina Models and also owns her own organic and sustainable clothing brand, Rangel. Since her and Anitta are both Brazilians making a name for themselves across the globe, it’s no wonder why these two are “sisters.”