Anne Abel-Smith and David Liddell-Grainger 1957 Wedding Day Gallery – Best Pictures

It was a big day at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle on this day in 1957: as the streets of Windsor teemed with excitement, inside the ancient stone walls of the castle, the wedding of Anne Abel Smith and David Liddell-Grainger took place. 

Anne was the daughter of Sir Henry Abel Smith and Lady May Cambridge and the granddaughter of Princess Alice, Countess of Athlone. On her wedding day, she wore the stunning Teck Ears of Wheat Tiara, which had been loaned to her by her grandmother, Princess Alice. Featuring beautiful diamonds, standing upright, it was a show-stopper. The tiara had also been loaned to a cousin, the Marchioness of Carisbrooke, for a Gala Performance in 1950. 

Anne Abel Smith and David Liddell-Grainger leave St George’s Chapel after their wedding ceremony

PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo

David Liddell-Grainger was the son of Captain Henry Hubert Liddell-Grainger, of a landed gentry family of Ayton Castle, Scottish Borders and Lady Muriel Felicia Vere Bertie, daughter of Montague Bertie, 12th Earl of Lindsey. He was educated at Eton and St Peter’s College, Adelaide.

Dressed in a beautiful, fitted silk wedding gown, she was a picture of elegance as she was followed down the steps by a group of beautifully presented bridesmaids, who were wearing matching silk dresses. The page boys, dressed in sweet matching shirts held hands with their bridesmaids at the wedding.