Anupama written update May 20: Vanraj joins Anupama and Anuj’s wedding

It’s all about love and respect in the latest episode of Anupama. It’s time for MaAn’s wedding and the bride, Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) receives the biggest surprise of her life– an attendance by her ex-husband Vanraj Shah (Sudhanshu Pandey). Not just Anupama, but the viewers are also left surprised by Vanraj’s gesture. More stereotypes are broken and lots of dama occurs at the power couple’s wedding. Read the full article to know more. Also Read| Anupama written update May 19: More fun, frolic and love at Anupama and Anuj’s wedding

Vanraj congratulates Anupama

Finally, Anuj and Anupama exchange garlands. The celebration continues as Anupama and Anuj exchange wedding vows next. Everyone is surprised to know that there is no long list of vows that the two have for each other. Instead, they have only one vow that they want to promise each other- respect. Anuj and Anupama promise each other to always have mutual respect in their relationship, mutual respect for their choices, decisions, dreams, and everything in between. Hasmukh exclaims at their love and maturity.

However, Meenu reminds everyone that the wedding is still not perfect as not everyone is together in the celebration. To our surprise, even this wish is accepted as Vanraj amazes everyone by joining the celebration. Anupama gets a little tense about Vanraj’s intentions, but soon realises that there aren’t any malicious purposes behind his gesture. Vanraj congratulates Anupama and Anuj on their married life. The Shah family and their fans are overwhelmed to see the entire family coming together for the nuptials.

Anupama’s ‘Kanyadaan’

After the ‘Varmala’, it’s time for the ‘pheras’. Anuj and Anupama move towards the mandap but Pakhi and the kids reach there first, only to realise that the Mandap is all disheveled. No wedding is incomplete without a few hiccups so how can this grand wedding not have any

mishaps. Pakhi, Samar, and Toshu quickly rearrange the Mandap before anyone else could notice. As Anupama arrives, she is awestruck at the beautiful decoration and her kids take a sigh of relief as their mother’s wedding remains unhampered.

Next, we see the most important ritual of the wedding- ‘Kanyadaan’. Hasmukh and Leela lovingly perform the ritual and in this emotional sequence, the kids add a new twist. They introduce a new ritual- ‘Mummy-daan’. They put their mother’s hands in Anuj’s and make him

promise that he will always take care of their mother. The wedding is full of many such touching moments that even the vamp, Rakhi Dave gets teary-eyed. After the ‘kanyadaan,’ the rest of the rituals are performed. Finally as the ‘pheras’ end, Anuj and Anupama’s wedding is finally over. It’s time for Anupama to start her new life with lots of love and blessings from her family.

In the upcoming episode, Anupama will bid adieu to the Shah family and will leave with the love of his life. Vanraj will also say farewell to his former wife and welcome Anuj to his family. Keep reading HT highlights for all the latest updates.