Assamese Couple That Signed Pizza Contract On Their Wedding Get Free Pizza For A Year

Being a foodie makes food a big priority in our lives, wouldn’t you agree?! What we eat in a day matters to us. But what do you think would happen if two foodies were to get married? Not long back, we came across the love story of an Assamese couple who were big foodies! The two sealed the deal by signing a wedding contract unlike any other. However, one would assume that their story ended there, but it turns out the couple’s fairy tale now has a delicious and foodie journey.

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The bride and groom identified as Shanti and Mintu made their wedding day extra special by signing a foodie contract. After the wedding ceremony, the couple signed a contract and promised each other that they will eat pizza together once a month. The pizza lovers’ story went viral and it had desi foodies all over the internet in awe! We couldn’t help but be surprised by the simplicity and the relatability of the terms of the wedding contract. However, their foodie love story is not limited to this. A fast-food chain decided to help out with their wedding vows and when you hear what they did, you’d be shocked!

Pizza Hut India helped with the Assamese couple’s wedding contract by sponsoring their pizza cravings for a whole year! Yes, you read it right! On Karwa Chauth, the fast-food chain completed the love story by supporting their monthly pizza contract and rewarding them with free pizzas for a year.

Take a look at the video:

The video was shared by @pizzahut_india on Instagram and it has over 29.8k views along with 1.4 k likes.

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