‘At this point, I can’t afford [it]’

A woman is at odds with her childhood best friend over wedding costs.

Her friend expects each person in the bridal party to pay at least $2,913 to cover the cost of the wedding. But when the Reddit poster told the bride-to-be it was too expensive, it didn’t end well. So she took to Reddit’s “Am I the A******?” forum for advice. 

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“[Me] and my childhood bestie have always been friends, and she got engaged five months ago to her boyfriend of six months,” the Reddit poster said. “We had planned our weddings since we were 14. She wanted a castle wedding with a ballgown. Two months ago, she found her dream castle.

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“She just asked for a $280 dress for us, plus for us to pay one-tenth of a $2,000 wedding dress. There are six bridesmaids [so it’s] $200 dollars [each], plus a $14,000 Bachelorette party, which [is] $2,333.34 per person, and a $600 bridal shower. The total is $2,913.34, which I can’t afford. I am still in university and finish in a few months before the wedding but I am $100,000 in debt.” 

She tried to tell the bride-to-be that it was more than she could afford.

“I told her I can’t pay for her wedding dress and $14,000 Bachelorette party,” she explained. “Not even including the flight. She also wants my hair dirty-blonde. I am a redhead and can’t dye it back. She also wants us to get her wedding gifts from the registry and pay for our own dinner.

“I told her, at this point, I can’t afford that, and she freaked out, saying I am an a****** ’cause it’s her big day, and I helped her plan it at 14. I told her I am not in a financial situation to do this, but I can try to work my butt off to afford it.” 

Redditors thought the friend was behaving like a textbook bridezilla. 

“If it was me, I would have added choice words like her being selfish, self-absorbed, spending beyond her means, unrealistic, etc,” a user said. 

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“She needs to understand that you can’t afford it,” another wrote. 

“That’s too much to ask of a wedding party,” someone commented. 

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