Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2, 14 October 2021, Written Update: Wedding or No Wedding?

In today’s episode, Ram asks Shivina why she isn’t ready yet, and she tells him that she wants flowers for her hair. Adi gets flowers for Shivina. Brinda asks where Priya is. Nandini fears her plan might flop if Priya stays back at her place so she tells Adi to bring Priya. The watchman tells Priya that the office is closed today. Priya suspects something might be wrong and tells Mama ji that they should go and check on top once. Maitraiyee calls Priya and tells her that Neeraj’s friend can track Akshay’s location so Priya decides to go meet them and sends Mama ji back home. Meera’s doorbell rings and it’s Adi and Brinda. Brinda asks why Sarika is crying and Sandy covers up by telling that she’s just emotional and Adi asks where Priya is.

Neeraj tells Priya that the last location is not the office building so there’s no use going back there. Mama ji reaches the house and covers up by telling them that they’re on the way. Adi and Brinda leave and go to the bakery to buy Ram’s cupcakes and Adi sees Priya and Neeraj together and he decides to tell Ram. Ram And Shivina come down and Adi tells that Priya isn’t with her family and Nandini asks Shivina where the groom’s family is and Shubham shows the contract Akshay signed and they decide to go to Priya’s house, but Ram stops them and calls Meera and asks if they’ll come now with their car and she agrees. Ram tells Shivina to not worry since she knows Akshay better. Meera enters Ram’s house and Ram asks Akshay’s whereabouts.

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