Band-Baajaa For A Special Marriage In Madhya Pradesh. Guess The Bride And Groom

This unique marriage remained a topic of discussion in the entire area.

The big fat wedding is an important part of Indian culture. Now, in a bizarre incident, two birds got married in Madhya Pradesh’s Kareli. A parrot got hitched to a Myna with rituals of a traditional Indian wedding.

This unique marriage was witnessed by people from the village Pipariya (Rakai) near Kareli in MP. The marriage was done with Indian rituals and by matching the ‘kundali’ (horoscope).

Ramswaroop Parihar, who lives in Pipariya, raised Maina like his own daughter. Whereas, Badal Lal Vishwakarma had a parrot. Both of them confirmed the marriage of Parrot and Maina. On Sunday, senior citizens of Baddal Vishwakarma village, district members Vijay Patel, Aditya Mohan Patel, Pitam Patel, Devi Singh Patel, Ashok Patel, Ramu Patel, Rajju Patel, Purushottam Shivanya, Sunil Patel, Vimlesh Patel, along with other members of the village were part of the wedding celebrations. The ‘baraat’ procession was followed by the ‘baraatis’ dancing enthusiastically to dhol beats.

There was a parrot cage on the small four-wheeler. When the procession was passing through the street, there was a crowd of onlookers.

All the rituals of marriage were performed at Ramswaroop Parihar’s house. This unique marriage remained a topic of discussion in the entire area.


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