BBC Call the Midwife’s Helen George reveals she got really upset trying to find Trixie Franklin’s wedding dress ahead of finale

Helen George has shared an interesting behind-the-scenes secret about the Call the Midwife’s anticipated finale, which will air on Sunday (February 26).

As some fans of the show will already know, her cherished character, Nurse Trixie Franklin, is set to finally tie the knot with boyfriend Matthew Aylward, played by Olly Rix.

Speaking to the team at BAFTA ahead of the season finale, the 38-year-old actress expressed that she’d struggled to find the perfect dress for Trixie’s big day.

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Trixie and Matthew will final marry during the season finale(Image: BBC / Neal Street Productions)

She said: “Look I got really het up about the dress as poor Olly had to deal with. There was a lot of pressure on it, which Helen felt and Trixie felt in turn.

“So yeah, it was tricky thing to find. And now we’ve done it, I’m thinking: ‘Oh I would have – maybe we should have done that. And you know, there was a lot of pressure surrounding it.’

“And there were conversations between every department, everyone had an opinion about it.”