Becky G Looks for Wedding Dress Inspiration at NYFW Shows – WWD

The front row at Prabal Gurung’s fall 2023 show at the New York Public Library Friday night drew the likes of Becky G; Kelsea Ballerini; Lexi Underwood; Kimora Lee Simmons with daughters Ming Lee Simmons and Aoki Lee Simmons; Alyah Chanelle Scott; Sarita Choudhury, and more. 

Becky G was trying out a new style for her at the show, wearing a miniskirt paired with a bold shoulder matching jacket.

“A little shorty like me only has so much body to wear so much fabric, so I was like, it’s either gotta be a little bit of leg or a little bit of top action,” the singer said before the show. “I have grown so much in my fashion journey. I always used to think that shoulder structures didn’t flatter me but then I tried this on and I was, like, ‘I’m obsessed.’”

The 25-year-old went on to say her fashion sense has continued to evolve as she’s grown with her music.  

“I feel like just with anyone who’s an artist at heart, anything that has to do with self-expression, it does a lot for us. For me I get so excited to come to the shows to study and to learn,” she mused. “I think color and fabric and music and storytelling through these shows evoke so much emotion and that’s where I think my fashion journey started to really evolve, when I was able to start drawing a lot of strings from the connections that that has.”

Ahead of Sunday’s Super Bowl halftime show by Rihanna, Becky G said like the rest of us she’s dying to hear the singer’s biggest hits. 

“I mean, 13 minutes is not enough time. We’ve gone so long without her,” she said. “My favorite is ‘Umbrella.’”

She’s otherwise hard at work on her upcoming original Mexican album and preparing her Coachella performance, as well as trying to find time to plan a wedding.

“I am newly engaged so hopefully I get to plan a wedding some time,” she said. As for the dress? “I’m not going to rush that process. I’m going to take in all the beautiful designs that are being thrown my way at the moment.”