Bella Hadid says Kim Kardashian Chicago West look like twins

Bella Hadid had to say it. When Kim Kardashian shared a set of photos of her daughter Chicago due to her birthday, Bella dropped in the comments to mention how cute Chicago is and how much she looks like her mother.

Chicago West is celebrating her fourth birthday, which Kim shared by uploading a variety of sweet photos alongside her. The post, which has amassed almost 5 million likes in a day, included videos of Kim and her children, talking and making faces at the camera, being extremely adorable. “My birthday baby girl Chi Chi turns 4 today! My independent baby girl twin,” Kim wrote. “You are the most lovable huggable snuggable baby girl on the planet. The ultimate princess! I can’t wait to celebrate with all of the Barbies and LOL Dolls a girl could dream of lol. You really have brought so much joy into our family and I love you so so soooo much!!!!” A variety of celebrities commented on Kim’s post, including Bella Hadid, who wrote a sweet message. “Wowwwwww❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 She is HEAVENNNN!!!!!!! Ur twin!!!!!”

Despite the many headlines between Kim and Kanye West and the fact that he released a song saying he wants to beat up her boyfriend, Ye attended his daughter’s birthday party. In an Instagram story shared by Atiana de la Hoya, Kanye appears talking to Kris Jenner. He was then seen helping Chicago hit a pinata, with other instances of ensuring that his daughter had a special day.