Bengaluru Bride Ditches Car, Takes Metro To Reach Wedding Venue

A bride’s wedding day dreams often include things like wearing a breathtaking bridal lehenga and the ideal collection of jewelry. That’s reasonable enough, after all,  there aren’t too many times during the marriage ceremony when everyone’s attention is focused only on the bride. 

Both the attendees and the groom can’t wait to see the bride for the first time in her wedding attire.

This is why it’s extremely important for the bride to make her entrance as special and enchanting as her nuptials will be.

On social media, we have come across several instances.  


But have you ever heard of or seen a woman who took the metro to her wedding? Apparently, it took place in Bengaluru, and we also have video proof. 

A woman in Bengaluru caught the internet by storm when she surprised everyone by ditching her car and instead catching the metro to get to her wedding hall on time because of the terrible traffic in the city. 

Bengaluru Wedding

In a now-viral video, a bride can be seen taking the metro while all dressed up.

The bride was running late for her wedding because of the terrible traffic in Bengaluru, yet she cheerfully took a metro instead of waiting around.

Calling her a “smart bride” and sharing the video, a Twitter user wrote, 

Whatte STAR!! Stuck in Heavy Traffic, Smart Bengaluru Bride ditches her Car, & takes Metro to reach Wedding Hall just before her marriage muhoortha time!! @peakbengaluru moment 🔥🔥🔥

— Forever Bengaluru 💛❤️ (@ForeverBLRU) January 16, 2023

“Whatte STAR!! Stuck in heavy traffic, a smart Bengaluru bride ditches her car, & takes the metro to reach her wedding hall just before her marriage muhoortha time!! @peakbengaluru moment.”

The Internet is lauding the bride for ditching the ‘bridezilla’ notion and, instead of throwing a tantrum, making a wise decision. 

So Cute! Keep up the spirit namma Bengaluru Bride

— iamdotdot (@iamdot1) January 19, 2023

#bangaloremetro is the way forward..

— Prakash Kulkarni (@pakkuiipm) January 19, 2023

This is so cute 😄😄😄

— RogerFedererStanForever❤️🥺 (@SampadaMoghe) January 20, 2023

Bride takes metro to beat #Bengalooru #Traffic. Reaches wedding venue in time. @civic_solutions

— A N Sastry (@manbabu) January 20, 2023

best madam 👌🏽

— Severi11 (@severi011) January 19, 2023

Der na ho jaye kahi der na ho jaye …..

— Sanju দূর-দর্শন (@SanjayKumarDat9) January 19, 2023

Can there be anything more Bangalorean !!!

— Sajal Das (@Sajal_Das25) January 19, 2023

Thanks to Metro the marriage didn’t get cancelled 😂❤️

— Ashish N Nambiar (@ashishnnambiar) January 19, 2023

Video of the bride waving as she enters the metro through the automated gate and boards a train has gone viral.  

She later arrives at the wedding venue and takes her place on the stage.

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