Bengaluru: Bride’s kin slit ex-lover’s throat after he disrupts wedding

Relatives of a woman slit her former boyfriend’s throat after he created a ruckus during her wedding on Wednesday night, police said.  

Following the incident, the groom ran away from the wedding venue without marrying his bride. 

Nitesh, 31, a civil engineer from Laggere, had his throat slit by a group of people at a convention hall near Ghati Subramanya Temple on the northern outskirts of the city. 

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Nitesh had been in a relationship with Siri (name changed) for six years. But her parents decided to marry her off to another man and scheduled the wedding for Thursday. Nitesh tried to woo her back but she didn’t change her mind. 

On Wednesday evening, Siri and her family gathered at the convention hall for pre-nuptial rituals. 

In a scene straight out of a film, Nitesh arrived there uninvited and created a scene. He flashed some of his pictures with Siri. Her family didn’t take this lying down and pounced on him. They told the guests that he was a thief trying to steal their valuables. 

Carried blade to the venue

As things began to disfavour him, Nitesh pulled out a blade from his socks and tried to attack the group.

In the melee, someone snatched the blade and slit his throat. A guest who tried to rescue Nitesh received a gash on the hand. 

Police arrived at the scene soon after and took Nitesh to hospital. They have opened a case of attempted murder and are looking out for the assailants. 

Police are also investigating claims that Nitesh himself slit his throat after being attacked by the group. They are waiting for his recovery to question him.