Benjamin Bratt, Brooke Shields & More to Star in ‘Mother of the Bride’

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The rom-com will be directed by ‘Mean Girls’ and ‘He’s All That’ helmer Mark Waters.

Cliff from Poker Face on the phone, looking serious.

Following HBO Max’s reimagining of the classic rom-com Father of the Bride, Netflix is cutting into the cake and taking a slice at its very own family-centered wedding feature titled Mother of the Bride. Today, Variety released the leading lineup, and to say it will be a star-studded guest list would be an understatement. Filling out the main cast will be Brooke Shields, Miranda Cosgrove, and Benjamin Bratt with an ensemble yet to be announced. The visionary eye behind classic teen dramedies including Mean Girls and He’s All That, Mark Waters will direct the feature with a script from The Princess Switch franchise scribe Robin Bernheim.

While this is the first major news that we’re receiving about Mother of the Bride, the casting announcement also came with a brief synopsis. The story will focus on Emma (presumably played by Cosgrove) who has just returned to the United States after studying in London for the last year. Happy to be reunited with her mother Lana (presumably Shields), the duo’s joyous reunion is cut short when Emma tells her mom that she’s getting married. Further sending her unexpecting mother into a panic, Emma says that it’s a destination wedding and that she and her fiance are preparing to exchange vows in just one month. In classic rom-com style, Lana is met with yet another surprise when she finds out that her future son-in-law happens to be the son of her ex, with whom things ended badly. Judging by the initial plot details, we can expect Mother of the Bride to be filled with comedic hijinks and funny family dynamics.


Mother of the Bride will mark another rom-com team-up for Shields and Netflix as the actress and streamer brought the holiday joy in 2021’s A Castle for Christmas. An advocate for young women in Hollywood, Shields recently released the documentary Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields. Following her life in the public eye, especially during her early years, Shields will take audiences on a hard-to-watch journey and reveal the industry for what it is, while sharing the sexualization that she faced as a minor in films including Pretty Baby and The Blue Lagoon.

a-castle-for-christmas-brooke-shields-netflix-02 Image via Netflix

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Riding high on the success of the second season of the iCarly reboot, Cosgrove and the rest of the reunited cast will be back for a Season 3 sometime in the future. Outside her time reprising her fan-favorite role, Cosgrove will soon be heard in Despicable Me 4 after holding credits in the franchise’s previous projects. Best known for his leading role on Law & Order, audiences of Rian Johnson’s hit Peacock series Poker Face will recognize Bratt as a recurring character on the show’s currently running first season. Bratt has also appeared in a slew of major titles including Miss Congeniality, Traffic, and Doctor Strange.

As of right now, no release date for Mother of the Bride has been set. Check out a trailer for Pretty Baby: Brooke Shields below.