Best Florist 2021 | Flowers and Weeds | Goods & Services

We buy flowers for all kinds of reasons. We buy flowers to celebrate a birth, to mark a death or to simply bring some joy into our homes. A beautiful bouquet can say so much, and at Flowers and Weeds (3201 Cherokee Street; 314-776-2887), your only problem will be trying to narrow down which of the shop’s many beautiful arrangements you’d like to take home. This community-oriented space on the corner of Cherokee Street and South Compton Avenue gives people reason to stop in all year long. Instead of just selling plants and bouquets, they also sell gardening supplies, pots, seeds, wedding flowers and seasonal items, such as pumpkins and Christmas trees. And in addition to giving out precious free advice to new gardeners who need help with problems like aphids and mites, they enrich the community by hosting parties, craft shows and block-party-type events year-round. —Jaime Lees