Best Guide to Washington Oaks State Park

Guide to Washington Oaks State Park: Feel the sunshine filtered through the thick canopy of oaks as you lounge near a meandering waterway, taking in the intoxicating fragrance of roses.

Guide to Washington Oaks State Park

Guide to Washington Oaks State Park
Washington Oaks State Park

Seems surreal, doesn’t it?

Head to Washington Oaks Gardens State Park for this tranquil experience. 

A natural treasure tucked away on the Palm Coast of Florida, this State Park has some unique offerings.

Sprawling over 425 acres, this State Park features ancient oak trees, creating a beautiful canopy, formal gardens, a rambling waterway from a clear spring source, a gazebo, and hundreds of roses & azaleas.

Its formal gardens are home to exotic plants from all over the world, showcased along reflecting ponds & walkways. The Park is also famous for its exquisite shoreline along the Atlantic, filled with unique coquina rock formations.

With such sublime beauty, this feels like a paradisiac place to rejuvenate amidst nature. 

Wondering how to make the most of your visit?

We’ve got you covered with the ultimate Washington Oaks State Park Guide. Dive in!

Best Guide to Washington Oaks State Park:-

Things to do ( Washington Oaks State Park) 

Go birdwatching #1

The park is a birder’s paradise. Since it features diverse natural settings including a lagoon system, a coquina beach, and a maritime hammock, different kinds of birds come to nest here. 

bird watching programme

If you’re visiting during summer, keep a lookout for Swallow-tailed kites which you may encounter during your leisurely stroll. The spring season brings migrating songbirds and nesting warblers to this exquisite place.

You may even find a Northern Parula nest. The migrating songbirds arrive once again during the fall. You can also witness the awe-inspiring Peregrine Falcon, a powerful predator who arrives early. 

If you’re visiting during winter, you’ll be rewarded by shorebirds such as Terns, Gulls, Sandpiper, and Plovers on the beach. Make sure you bring your binoculars along. 

Hike & Bike #2

Offering a closer look into its magnificent beauty & biodiversity, the State Park is home to several hiking & biking trails. There’s a Bella Vista Trail system that’ll take you to explore the coastal maritime hammock and the dense canopied coastal scrub.

bike riding at trail

This is a great hike to spend some time relaxing amidst pristine natural surroundings. 

Love to bike? Take the Mala Compra Trail which goes from the gardens to the north side of the park with picnic areas. The Old A1A is another trail where you can enjoy a bike ride.

If you’re a beach person, hike along the shoreline enjoying the cool ocean breeze as you explore the intriguing shapes of Coquina rock formations. 

Enjoy a picnic  #3

Looking to spend a romantic date or some quality family time?

Bring your blanket & pack a lunch for an enjoyable picnic beneath lofty oaks.

Enjoy picnic at park

There is a covered pavilion with tables & grills where you can enjoy your favourite snacks while revelling in nature. The picnic area is close to the hiking trail & the Matanzas river.

So, if you wish to hike after an energizing lunch, it is the perfect spot. You can also bring along some board games, paint supplies, or your favourite book to have a great time. 

Click incredible pictures #4

If your camera accompanies you wherever you go, you’ll love it here. This is a photography haven with a unique beach, reflection lake, giant oaks, nesting birds, and colourful flowers.

photography at park

No wonder so many people choose the place for wedding & maternity photoshoots. Capture nature at its best through your lens, from different perspectives.

You’ll see many photographers clicking pictures, especially during the golden hour. 

Go fishing #5

If your idea of a perfect outing is to get a good catch, you won’t be disappointed. You can fish along the park’s seawall on the Matanzas river or go surf fishing on the beach.

fishing at park

There is a wide variety of fish here including trout, redfish, drum & flounder along the seawall and whiting & blue fish in the surf. 

Plan a spectacular wedding  #6

About to tie the knot?

This may be the perfect wedding destination.

Wedding at State Park

Offering picturesque scenery, the State Park can also be booked for weddings. A beautiful backdrop of the coquina beach or the brick octagon near 150 rose bushes will elevate the charm of the occasion.

You can even book a bridal room & a reception pavilion. 

 A Sneak Peek into the Park’s History

These beautiful gardens & structures are the legacy of Louise & Owen Young. They bought the property as a winter retirement home in 1936. Louise was a designer who utilized her creative talent to develop the house and formal gardens.

History of park

For years they enjoyed the beauty of this magnificent place. After the death of her husband, she donated the property to the State of Florida State in 1964.

She insisted that the gardens should be preserved as they were and expanded upon whenever funds became available.  The Washington Oak tree in the State Park is approximately 200-300 years old.

It is one of the sturdiest trees in the State, which has stood the test of time. Today, it attracts thousands of visitors.

So, pack your favourite lunch & head to this majestic State Park for an incredible outing!

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Q. Where is Washington Oaks State Park?

It is along State Road A1A in Palm Coast, Florida. 

Q. How far is Clermont Fl from Washington Oaks State Park Fl?

Clermont is approximately 112 miles away from Washington Oaks State Park. 

Q. How is Washington Oaks Gardens State Park?

With its coquina beach, exquisite formal gardens, and reflecting ponds, Washington Oaks Gardens State Park is an absolute beauty. 

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