Best Wedding Color Schemes for Your Wedding Day

Choosing a color scheme for your wedding is no small task—not only does this planning element help to set the tone for the entire day, but it will also inform many other decoration decisions that you make during the planning process. Alicia Mae of ILE Events notes that so much of the atmosphere of a wedding is impacted by the color scheme. “Colors can change the mood and emotion of an environment; with that in mind, inspiration can come from how you want your guests to feel. For example, warm colors—like shades of nude with cream and burgundy—can have your guest feel the romance when they step into the venue.”

Mae goes on to explain that aside from the atmosphere, myriad aspects of the décor will come together when you have a color scheme in place: “When thinking of the items to consider the color story to incorporate do not forget the stationery, flowers, linens, chairs, the venue’s interiors, and the wardrobe of yourself and the wedding party; all of these items should be considered in how [all the wedding elements] complement each other.”

According to Heather Lowenthal of Posh Parties, what it really comes down to is choosing a color combination that makes you happy. “Choose a scheme that you will always look back on and be happy you chose,” she says. If lots of colors are your vibe, explains Lowenthal, don’t be afraid to lean into that! On the other hand, for those unsure of what direction to go in, she recommends focusing on neutrals. “If you can’t commit to a color or want to keep it classic, then neutrals are a perfect way to go.”

Ready for some colorful inspiration? Here, we highlight 12 of the most tried-and-true color schemes that planners turn to year after year.