Best wedding shoes for brides: Best bridal shoes chosen by experts

The best wedding shoes for brides come in all guises. From traditional pointed toes and satin pairs to more modern and embellished iterations, the best bridal shoes need to take into account everything from style and glamour, to comfort and personal taste. Finding a shoe that can do it all is no easy feat, but as our guide will show. Whether you opt for cool and quirky, or sleek and sky-high, there is the perfect pair for you. 

The best wedding shoes for brides need to feel luxurious. An almost Cinderella-like experience, your bridal shoes should feel transformative, enhancing your wedding outfit, without leaving you in pain. A particularly long day and one that involves plenty of standing and dancing, getting the perfect fit is a must – these are, after all, one of the most important pairs of shoes you’ll ever buy. Before starting your search for the best wedding shoes, you need to consider the look and feel of the day and what you’re most comfortable in. If you don’t regularly wear or feel comfortable in heels, while the best designer heels, might feel like a must for such an important occasion, in reality, you’re probably better of getting a pair of super fancy, but comfortable flats. 

You should consider your venue and wedding theme too. Even if the best bridal shoes seem like they should be a pointed-toe satin design, if you’re getting married in a field, it might not be the best choice. The truth is, the best wedding shoes for brides are totally open to interpretation and the most important thing is that you’re happy and comfortable in your final choice. While wedding shoes used to be fairly run of the mill, in 2022, bridal footwear has taken on a more trend-led dynamic. From heavily embellished styles, to oversized statement bows, brides are embracing the wedding dress trends 2022 and injecting their own stamps onto styles. From over-the-top heels, to trainers with a twist, wedding shoes are now packed with personality. 

Best wedding shoes for brides: The best bridal shoes this season

Most importantly for brides, you need to nail your wedding shoes before your first fitting appointment. That’s after you’ve chosen the dress but before any alterations have taken place. In terms of timelines, you’ll also be wanting to come to that first fitting appointment with your best underwear and best shapewear or bra, that you plan to wear on the big day. 

When it comes to selecting your bridal shoes, don’t feel that just because it’s your wedding, you have to wear expensive shoes. Great wedding shoes come in a range of price points. It’s also key to note that unless you’re wearing a short or midi-length dress, or trousers – your shoes won’t be hugely visible, so this really is a choice for you both in terms of style and comfort.

If selecting heels, pick a heel height you’re comfortable with from the outset. Wear them in around the house before the big day, increasing the length of time you wear them to ensure the best fit. Not a fan of heels? Stylish but flat shoes are the answer. From the best sandals, to the best white trainers – there are directional, designer and straight-to-market shoes that you can easily wear for the big day that won’t wreck your feet. 

1. Traditional

The most discreet and delicate of styles, traditional wedding shoes often feature a pointed toe and will ideally match the color of your chosen dress. They are usually without much in the way of embellishment, serving as an accompaniment to the wedding dress, rather than being a statement accessory. 

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RRP: $465 / £259 | If you’re looking for a mid-height heel that will also be comfortable, then this lace top, pointed toe design, from British clothing brand, LK Bennett, is a great option. Ideal for teaming with a pure white wedding dress, these will suit a silky gown, due to their vintage feel. The mid-heel is ideal for long wear.

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RRP: $770 / £575 | One of the most recognizable designer brands in the world, thanks to its patented red sole color, these Louboutin wedding shoes are ones you’ll cherish forever. The scalloped edge offers a soft and romantic finish to these sky-high heels, that are ideal for those used to wearing stiletto silhouettes.

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RRP: £175 (UK only) | In ivory satin, these are cheekily named ‘Committed’ – reflecting the big day. With a T-Bar silhouette for a vintage feel, the silver jewel detailing adds glamour. A tall, slim heel, these are ideal for those well-versed in navigating high shoes. Wearable with a host of dress styles, we love them with a tulle gown.

2. Embellished

The best embellished bridal shoes really pack a punch. Drawing inspiration from the shoe trends 2022, that saw ever increasingly detailed and jeweled footwear on the runway, adding a touch of sparkle to your footwear is a must if you’re opting for an evening party that’s either a black-tie or a cocktail affair. 

Be careful with embellished shoes, as they can potentially snag on the fine and delicate fabric of wedding dresses. However wedding shoe specialists should have this covered, ensuring your shoes won’t snag on your dress – but it is always best to check.

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RRP:  $1,895 / £1,425 | Bring the drama with these embellished heels. Jimmy Choo has some of the best wedding shoes for brides and this feather adorned pair are a real statement. While they sit firmly in the bridal category, you can certainly bring these shoes back out for special occasions post the big day. 

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RRP: $69.90 / £49.99 | What are the best bridal shoes without a bit of glitz? The use of vinyl is on the up across all accessory categories, and the clear foot strap used here will make it seem as though your feet are covered in rhinestones. Great with short or long dresses, they’re ideal for hitting the dancefloor. 

RRP: $770 / £795 | Truly magical designs, Emmy London specialize in hand-embellished bridal shoes. Lacquering the details to avoid the beading catching on delicate dresses, past customers have loved the comfort of the designer heels too. These are guaranteed to make you feel like a princess. 

3. Flats

While high heels are seen as more traditional and the thing to do, wearing flat shoes on your wedding day is absolutely fine if that’s what makes you more comfortable. Regardless of whether you’ve opted for the best petite dress or are tall, the most important thing is that you spend the day having a great time and not end up limping before the night is over. As weddings and occasionwear in general embraces a more laidback styles, white sneakers have also grown in popularity as one of the best wedding shoes for brides that want to feel more at ease. 

woman&home fashion editor, Rivkie Baum said, “I always knew I’d wear flats on my wedding day. I briefly considered a low-block heel as it felt like the done thing, but I’m thrilled I decided on a pair of trainers. They were still special, entirely embellished and adored by everyone who caught a glimpse. But most importantly I felt like me in them. I could dance and run around to my hearts content and enjoy the day to the max”.

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RRP: $795 / £565 Forgo heels and opt for luxury wedding flats instead. The ultimate in chic sneakers, these red soled, satin finish Christian Louboutin’s will ensure you can do some serious partying without any discomfort. Ideal for floor-length gowns, remember, for the most part your shoes will be hidden.

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RRP:  $215 / £149 | They say lobsters mate for life, so what better way to represent this concept than with some quirky, shoes from accessories brand, Kurt Geiger. The lobster mule comes in several colorways and can be enjoyed post-wedding worn with everything from the best midi dresses to your best jeans.

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RRP: $182 / £150 | For the bride that wants embellishment without heels, white trainers have come along way in recent seasons, making for some of the best wedding shoes for brides. From discreet plain plimsolls, to fancy footwear that will reflect the party-feel of the day, we love the pearl detailing used here.

4. Metallics

Adding dazzle without embellishment, silver and gold metallic hues work well with wedding dresses too. With high shine being a big fashion trend 2022, there are plenty of options when it comes to metallic bridal shoes. A little more directional, these can certainly be integrated into partywear looks at a later date, meaning you can up the cost per wear – making them an investment piece. 

Take special not of which metallic hues go with which wedding dress colors. While the best wedding shoes for brides in silver will work really well with ivory, cream and white gowns, you may need a gold or rose gold for more champagne toned frocks.

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RRP: £245 (UK only) If you’ve opted for one of the best tuxedos or flattering jumpsuit for your wedding day – an increasingly popular look. Then a pair of slick, pointed-toe sling-backs could be the shoe for you. This metallic pair adds a little sparkle to your outfit, working with ivory, white and champagne hues.

RRP: £169 (UK only) | Weddings are long, so having a pair of ballerina pumps for either the main event, or to switch into once the disco lights go on is certainly a good idea. Keep to the party feel of the day by opting for hints of metallic. If you have a floor-length frock, the silver toes will look cute poking out the bottom.

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RRP: $1,005 / £750 | A bold, ’80s-inspired, elegant slingback with a touch of sparkle. The high-shine look will suit dresses of all silhouettes, and the elongated pointed toe will help to lengthen your silhouette. Ideal for peeping out the bottom of gowns, these are versatile shoes that can be worn again. 

4. Neutrals

Similar to the traditional selection, neutral shoes work best with more classic gowns. Unlike white shoes, neutrals will work best with bridal outfits that are more champagne in color. As you may have guessed, neutral shoes can definitely be worn again and overall give a much more subtle finish to your look. 

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RRP: $279 / £169 | If you suffer with bunions, the best wedding shoes for brides might feel impossible. Sole Bliss make stylish shoes packed with comfort, offering superior arch support, a wide toe-box and a unique bunion bed. With underfoot triple layer cushioning, you’ll be floating.

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RRP: $135 / £85 | A timeless summer staple, these pretty espadrilles are ideal bridal shoes for a destination, warm weather wedding, and they can easily be repurposed after the big day. In a versatile color, the lightweight wedge makes these espadrilles an ideal shoe for vacation too.

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RRP: $109 / £80 | Opting for a more champagne hue? Not all dresses are white or ivory, so if you’ve gone for a warmer, universally flattering, beige hue, then these kitten heels could be the best bridal shoes for you. While white is traditional, it’s not a must, but feeling good on your big day is.

5. Color

As we said earlier, brides are becoming less traditional and are choosing to inject more fun and personality into their wedding outfits. If you’ve got a floor-length gown, your shoes will only be seen should you choose to show them off, so adding a flash of color can be a fun surprise for guests. 

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RRP: £150 (UK only) | ‘Something new…something blue’. Brides are increasingly breaking with tradition when it comes to accessorizing wedding outfits. We love the romantic floral print on these platform sandals. Ideal if you want to add a pop of color, but keep the base of your shoes white.

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RRP: $924 / £665 | When you can’t decide on one color, go for them all. This beautiful pair of iridescent, high-heeled sandals will add an extra wow factor to your bridal look. With dopamine dressing and bright color clothes being such a big deal this season, there is no reason you cant pull this trend through to bridal too.