Blake Shelton Dishes on Staycation Honeymoon with Gwen Stefani


Blake Shelton is opening up about his sweet honeymoon with new wife Gwen Stefani.

Shelton sat down with Storme Warren of Sirius XM’s “The Highway” and revealed the pair stayed in Oklahoma after the wedding to have a little downtime.

When asked if they went on a honeymoon, Blake said, “No, we haven’t yet. We still are probably going to,” explaining, “We did have some time after the wedding, just she and I, we just wanted something calm for a minute and not to run off and go do something else… we just stayed there in Oklahoma and had some quiet time just she and I.”

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The couple had another reason to stay in town… their flowers were in full bloom!

Blake revealed, “Since [Gwen is] spending more time in Oklahoma she’s realizing the agriculture part of Oklahoma and the things you can do and her passion outside of music is flowers. So this last spring, when we had time, we planted a few acres of just zinnias. It was like, ‘This isn’t going to work, but we’ll try it…’ We had all this rain this year and there are acres of those things and so she is in absolute heaven with that and so she wouldn’t have wanted to leave anyway because she can literally just walk out there and stand in acres of those things and she loves it. I do, too.”

The couple tied the knot on July 3, and were spotted in Tishomingo, Oklahoma, not long after.

The newlyweds showed up at Shelton’s Ole Red restaurant for a free concert!

Local radio station Katy Country 93.1 posted footage of the show on Facebook. Check it out here!

The couple sang their famous duets “Happy Anywhere” and “Nobody but You.” Blake also performed “God’s Country,” and Gwen sang her No Doubt hit “Don’t Speak.”

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A source told “E! News,” “They were so happy and sweet with each other, like they were just in a little happiness bubble. He sounded so great and he’s always so kind and generous to the crowd, talking, waving, and signing things.”

As for Gwen, the eyewitness shared, “Her voice was brilliant, clear, and spot-on. So good!”

They couple even shared a sweet moment when he referred to her as Gwen Stefani and she teased, “I thought it was Gwen Shelton now.”