Blog: Here’s How to Organize a Wedding Without Hiring a Planner (11/11/21)

Getting married is an exciting time for brides, grooms, and their friends and families. It is a positive milestone that puts a couple on a new trajectory, creating a life together and planning a prosperous future. However, weddings can be costly, especially when you choose to hire an organizer.

If this is beyond your budget, there is no need to worry. You can plan a fantastic event without a wedding planner. Here are tips for proceeding without a wedding organizer:

Book early

It might be advisable to give yourself a few extra months to plan your wedding if you manage the process solo. This allows you time to shop around for venues, vendors, and service providers. Ask for quotations and detailed information about what is included in the price. Draw comparisons between your options to choose one that best suits your needs.

During the wedding season, typically spring and summer, wedding venues, vendors, and service providers get busy. Track your bookings by checking in with the supplier once a month to ensure that everything stays on track. Do not leave your booking until it is too late to secure what you need on a relevant day.

Put aside time

Managing a wedding plan without an organizer requires the engaged couple to put more time into the preparations. Set aside time every week to discuss your planning progress, make lists of what is still outstanding, and decide who will take responsibility for these upcoming tasks.

Make it a team effort as the rewards will be greater when both parties feel they played an integral role in planning their dream wedding. Leaving it to one partner can make them feel frustrated and unappreciated.

Appoint a manager

With so many moving parts that must work harmoniously on a wedding day, it is impossible to manage everything and still get to enjoy it. Appoint a trusted friend or family member who will manage the proceedings. Go through your wedding plan with them and detail what you need them to handle on the wedding day.

On the wedding day, your entire focus should be on the ceremony and what it means. How can you savor every moment of this special occasion when you are worried about the caterers and if they will be punctual? Hand this responsibility over to someone else to manage.

Be organized

People rely on wedding planners to manage the minutiae of the occasion, handling all the details and ensuring that everything goes according to plan. Without a planner, you need to do this yourselves. Everything rests on your shoulders, from coordinating the venue, catering, and wedding service to choosing a dress and stunning moissanite stud earrings from Moissanite Co.

The only way to keep track of everything is to have a wedding binder where every detail of the occasion is stored. This includes pictures and theme ideas, quotations from vendors, emails, and designs. You can buy wedding organizer binders online or make your own, depending on your preference. This approach helps you track all the expenses, preventing overspending on your wedding budget.

Embrace the unexpected

Despite planning your wedding with military precision, something can and will go wrong. No plans are guaranteed to go off without a hitch, especially when factoring in the human element. You also cannot make contingency plans for every eventuality. Even a wedding planner cannot do that.

Prepare yourself for some hiccups and glitches and take them in your stride gracefully. Your day will be ruined if you let everything that does not go according to plan get you down. Tears and a tantrum will not change anything, so go with the flow.