Blogger Grace Mongey was ‘nervous’ to go wedding dress shopping when she wasn’t feeling body confident

Top Irish influencer Grace Mongey, known by many as her online handle FacesByGrace, is due to tie the knot with her longtime love Chris Gernon later this summer.

The wedding is now just ten weeks away, after the couple were initially planning to marry in 2020 but postponed their nuptials die to the Covid-19 pandemic, like thousands of other couples across Ireland.

Despite now being engaged for four years, Grace told RSVP Live that she feels the delay was the right thing to do, as deciding early on to push the wedding out meant they didn’t have to stress about pandemic restrictions and complications.

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“We did it at the start of the first lockdown, a couple of my friends had postponed, but they postponed short periods of time and had to keep postponing, and I just didn’t want that uncertainty, so I said will we just decide now and see if our vendors and suppliers are happy to move,” she said.

“When we did it I was a little bit gutted but it was the right move to make, to avoid that stress, and thankfully everybody was able to move, we didn’t have to change suppliers or lose out on any money, it was just pushed forward another year.

The blogger explained that now that the wedding is creeping closer, she is starting to feel the buzz of excitement and anticipation to walk down the aisle – and thanks to a joint effort between herself and her partner, the wedding planning has gone seamlessly.

Grace Mongey pictured at the launch of the Voduz Spectrum 3-in-1 Waver at the Baths in Clontarf,Dublin. Pic Brian McEvoy No Repro fee

“It’s ten weeks today! Every time I say that or think about it I get that wave of nerves but then again, I’m so excited. We have been waiting for this for so long having gotten engaged in 2018, and we’re just ready for it now.”

“It’s so funny, people always say ‘Bridezilla’ but I think Chris is a ‘Groomzilla!’ Not that he is a diva, he just likes everything really organised, he has a spreadsheet and he has everyones name, our budgets, everything calculated.”

“He’s the one that set up an account for us to put savings towards it, all of that side of things, and I’m more on the styling and creative side.”

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The couple have two beautiful children, five year old Sienna and almost three year old Hayden. The tots will be making an appearance in the ceremony, though their roles have not been fully decided yet.

“Sienna and my niece are going to be flower girls and Hayden is going to bring up the rings. Sienna made a little jewellery holder in school for Mother’s Day so I’m going to put a ribbon on that and have it to bring the rings up,” Grace said.

Grace shared that they are still in talks with their celebrant about what exact way they would like their children to be part of the formal ceremony.

In a confession that many women can relate to, Grace shared that while she has now found the most perfect wedding dress, she initially put off her wedding gown hunt as she wasn’t feeling the most body confident.

“I was really nervous about the dress. I had put on weight after I had my kids so I didn’t feel my best, so I pushed that out a good bit and I was waiting until I felt more comfortable because the place I wanted to go to was very limited on sizes, they all kind of come in a size 10 which for someone who is a size 16 is a little bit daunting,” she said.

“I went up and had a look and I tried on the first dress, and it looked amazing and I went for the first dress I tried on, it was my style to a T, and had only come in the day before, it was by the designer I wanted.”

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Despite her huge online audience – with her Instagram racking up 167,000 followers since she began sharing her life online, Grace doesn’t feel any pressure about sharing her wedding on social media. While she hopes to share her happy day with her followers who have been supporting her and part of her positive community over the years, she won’t be listening to any naysayers who hope to air their opinions about her wedding day choices.

“I feel pretty comfortable in sharing things, I feel like that is just part of me now, I’ve done it for so long and I don’t really hold anything back when it comes to sharing,” she said.

“I think that people who have followed me on my motherhood journey and homeowner journey expect to be involved in this. Obviously there will be some people who will have opinions and not like my dress and stuff, but I’m not looking for any type of approval.”

“I don’t need anyone tell me I looked great on the day, because it’s our day and it’s exactly how we want it.”

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