Bobby On Crying During His Vows And Wearing His Wedding Ring | The Bobby Bones Show

In case listeners have missed the exciting news, Bobby Bones and Caitlin got married on July 17th! The big day was full of so many awesome moments and Bones is slowly sharing them during the Bobby Bones Show. During today’s show (August 2nd), Bones answered some listeners questions sent to him in regards to his vows, wearing his wedding ring, and their dogs at the wedding.

Listeners asked how Bones felt crying during his vows. He admitted on his Instagram page in a Q&A that he did get emotional during his vows. He elaborated sharing that he really knew his vows, but did have them on paper with him at the alter in case he couldn’t communicate effectively. There were only a couple times he had to go to the paper when he got emotional and too worked up to talk. During his vows, there was a 10 to 15-second pause that Eddie and Amy recalled due to him being emotional, that’s when the groomsmen and guests stepped in to encourage him. Bones did have to use the tissues he had with him, and graded himself a B- for his vows.

Since the wedding, Bones has obviously been sporting some new jewelry on his hand. He admitted that at first wearing his wedding ring was a bit tough, but he likes the idea of it. He’s now sporting just a rubber band and but his “big one” away.

In another listener question, Bones shared how their dogs Stanley and Eller did at the wedding. While Stanley did fantastic and just chilled, Eller wanted to eat the flowers in the yard as she walked down the aisle. Keep listening to The Bobby Bones Show this week for more wedding details!