Bournemouth couple invite two alpacas to their wedding

A BOURNEMOUTH couple had two exclusive guests that saw them tie the knot last month.

Yasmin and Zolton Aranyi celebrated their wedding at Hotel Miramar on Friday August 5, but the pair didn’t go for the typical guestlist.

Instead, they invited Crumble and Cecil, two flower-decorated alpacas courtesy of Portland Alpacas.

28-year-old Yasmin said: “I was so nervous for the wedding I forgot I even had them, but I’m so happy we did because everyone loved them.”

The alpacas stayed at the venue throughout the celebrations and were visible to Yasmin as she walked the aisle.

She added: “It was a nice addition for the wedding and a nice thing to do.

“Some of the kids there hadn’t ever seen them before so for them it was brilliant.”

Yasmin and Zolton on their wedding day

The idea followed a visit to Portland Alpacas, where Yasmin and Zolton embarked on one of the popular alpaca treks.

Yasmin said: “I love alpacas so I approached Portland Alpacas because I know they do alpaca walking and treks.

“We went there, but we didn’t even ask about the wedding that day because we didn’t know they did it.

“I followed them on social media, and I saw that they have alpacas for weddings. They were dressed up with flowers and I thought we had to have them.

“We went back, and we got to choose the alpacas we wanted. It was the same ones that we walked.”

As unique as an alpaca wedding may sound, Portland Alpacas have provided the animals to a number of special occasions. For more information visit