Bridal Party Songs Entrance

Bridal Party Songs Entrance: A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Playlist

The bridal party entrance is a moment that marks the beginning of the wedding reception and sets the tone for the rest of the night. It’s a moment of celebration, fun, and excitement, and the perfect song can make it even more memorable. Choosing the right bridal party songs entrance playlist might seem like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. In this article, we’ll guide you through the process, from choosing the songs to creating a playlist that will get everyone on their feet and dancing the night away.

1. The Importance of the Bridal Party Entrance

The bridal party entrance is a crucial moment of the wedding reception. It’s a time when the newly-weds and their closest friends and family come together to celebrate the beginning of their new life together. A well-planned entrance can set the tone for the entire night, creating an atmosphere of joy, excitement, and celebration. It’s essential to choose the right music that will reflect the couple’s personality and style and ensure that everyone has a great time.

2. How to Choose the Right Bridal Party Songs

Choosing the right bridal party songs can be difficult. There are so many genres, styles, and artists to choose from that it can be overwhelming. However, some things should be taken into consideration when selecting the right bridal party entrance songs.

Firstly, it’s important to choose songs that reflect the couple’s style and personality. Secondly, the songs should be upbeat, fun, and celebratory to set the tone for the night ahead, and ensure that everyone is in the party mood. Thirdly, it’s essential to consider the lyrics of the songs. Avoid choosing songs that are inappropriate or have negative lyrics, as they might not reflect the happiness and joy of the occasion.

3. Classic Bridal Party Entrance Songs

There are some classic bridal party entrance songs that never go out of style. They are timeless classics that have been played at weddings for decades and are still as popular today as they were when they were first released. Here are some of the most popular classic bridal party entrance songs:

1. “I Got a Feeling” – Black Eyed Peas
2. “Good Feeling” – Flo Rida
3. “Love on Top” – Beyonce
4. “Marry You” – Bruno Mars
5. “Can’t Stop the Feeling” – Justin Timberlake
6. “Happy” – Pharrell Willams

4. Modern Bridal Party Entrance Songs

If you’re looking for more contemporary wedding songs, then there are plenty of modern songs that are perfect for a bridal party entrance. Modern songs tend to be more upbeat and energetic, with catchy hooks and lyrics that are designed to get people dancing. However, many of them are still romantic, which makes them ideal for a wedding. Here are some popular modern bridal party entrance songs:

1. “Uptown Funk” – Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars
2. “Shape of You” – Ed Sheeran
3. “Shut Up and Dance” – Walk The Moon
4. “Marry Me” – Train
5. “Crazy In Love” – Beyonce ft. Jay-Z
6. “I Gotta Feeling” – Black Eyed Peas

5. Alternative Bridal Party Entrance Songs

If you’re looking for something a little different, then there are alternative songs that can make your bridal party entrance more unique, these songs are great for couples who love music and want to personalize their playlist. Alternative bridal party entrance songs tend to be songs that are not as mainstream, but popular enough to get the crowd going. Here are some alternative bridal party entrance songs:

1. “You’re the One That I Want” – Grease soundtrack
2. “I’m Yours” – Jason Mraz
3. “September” – Earth, Wind & Fire
4. “L-O-V-E” – Nat King Cole
5. “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head” – Dean Martin

Creating Your Bridal Party Entrance Playlist

Once you’ve selected your bridal party entrance songs, it’s time to create your playlist. The playlist should be in a logical order, so it flows from one song to the next seamlessly. It’s best to start the playlist with a song that’s upbeat but not too fast, to avoid overwhelming your bridal party. As the playlist progresses, the songs can get faster and more energetic to encourage everyone to start dancing.

In conclusion, choosing the right bridal party entrance songs can make all the difference to your wedding celebration. Make sure you choose songs that reflect your personality, are upbeat and fun, and set the tone for the evening ahead. Play around with different genres and styles of music, and don’t be afraid to include some classic, modern, and alternative songs in your playlist. It’s your wedding day, so have fun with it and make sure the music reflects who you are. Happy planning!

Common Inquiries Regarding Bridal Party Songs Entrance

What is a Bridal Party Entrance?

A bridal party entrance is a traditional wedding reception ritual where the bride and groom’s friends and family members make their grand entrance. The bridal party songs entrance is among the most magical and unforgettable moments that will happen in the entire ceremony. During the entrance, the group dances as couples or individually while the selected background music plays.

Most important information:
– A bridal party entrance is a traditional wedding reception ritual that marks the beginning of the wedding party.
– During the entrance, the friends and family members of the bride and groom usually dance.
– The background music selected for the occasion plays during the entrance.

Who Should Participate in the Bridal Party Entrance?

The bridal party entrance is usually made up of the bride and groom’s immediate family members, bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, ring bearers, and close friends. The members of the bridal party should be people who have shared an intimate moment with the couple and are ready to create a magical moment during the reception.

Most important information:
– The bridal party entrance should include the bride and groom’s closest family members and friends.
– Bridesmaids, groomsmen, flower girls, and ring bearers are typical participants in the bridal party entrance.
– Participants should be people who share an intimate moment with the bride and groom.

What Music Should be Played for the Bridal Party Entrance?

The songs played for the bridal party entrance should be carefully selected according to their beats and lyrics. It would help if you chose an upbeat tune that can create an energetic dance moment. Some of the best bridal party entrance songs that you can consider include the Bruno Mars Uptown Funk, Aretha Franklin Respect and Black Eyed Peas Let’s Get It Started.

Most important information:
– The songs selected for the bridal party entrance must have an upbeat tune.
– Carefully select the music as per the beats and lyrics.
– Some popular bridal party entrance songs include Bruno Mars Uptown Funk and Aretha Franklin Respect.

What are the Most Popular Dancing Styles during the Bridal Party Entrance?

During the bridal party entrance, there are different dance styles that participants can choose to make the moment more memorable. Some of the best dance styles that you can consider include the traditional waltz, the tango, salsa, or the contemporary hip-hop moves.

Most important information:
– There are different dance styles that participants can choose from during the bridal party entrance.
– Popular dance styles include traditional waltz, tango, salsa, and contemporary hip-hop moves.
– The dancing styles used during the bridal party entrance increase the beauty and excitement of the event.

What Should a Bride and Groom Consider When Planning the Bridal Party Entrance?

When planning the bridal party entrance, the bride and groom should consider their interests, personalities, and the comfort levels of their guests. They need to pick the right songs, consult with the bridal party about their choice of music or dance styles, as well as make sure everyone is ready and has great fun before the party begins.

Most important information:
– The bride and groom should consider their interests, personalities, and guests’ comfort levels.
– They should pick the right music and consult with the bridal party regarding song selections and dance styles.
– Everyone should have fun, and they should ensure that all participants are ready before starting the party.

Wrong Beliefs About Bridal Party Songs Entrance


Weddings are special occasions that are meant to be unique and memorable for everyone involved in the ceremony. One of the most significant parts of a wedding involves the bridal party entrance to the reception. Many people assume that the music played during the entrance has a direct influence on the success of the wedding. However, there are many misconceptions regarding bridal party songs that can cause confusion and disappointment during a wedding.

Bridal Party Entrance Songs Must Be Fast-Paced

One common misconception about bridal party entrance songs is that they must be fast-paced and upbeat to energize the audience. It is important to note that the bridal party entrance song sets the tone for the entire reception period. Therefore, the song choice should reflect the mood and atmosphere of the wedding, rather than being solely judged by its tempo. A slow, emotional song may be appropriate for a small, intimate wedding, while a more upbeat tune may be ideal for a grand event with more guests.

The DJ’s Choice is Always Perfect

Another misconception regarding bridal party entrance songs is that the DJ’s choice of music is always perfect. While an experienced DJ may have a vast knowledge of different music genres, they may not always know the couple’s preferences. It is essential for the couple to communicate their music preferences and the theme of the wedding to the DJ. This information will assist the DJ in making the right song choices for the bridal party entrance.

One Song Fits All Bridal Party Members

Many people assume that a uniform entry song is suitable for all bridal party members. However, every entry in the bridal party should have a unique song that represents the individual. For instance, the bridesmaids can have a different entrance song than the groomsmen. Having a unique song for each member of the bridal party provides them with an opportunity to showcase their personality, creating a more personal and memorable entrance.

Lyrics Do Not Matter

A common misconception is that lyrics do not matter during the bridal party entrance since people focus more on the beat. However, the lyrics of the song can set the tone of the event and send a message to the guests. Lyrics that contain negative, vulgar, or inappropriate language can leave a wrong impression on the guests and ruin the wedding’s mood. It is essential to research and carefully select a song whose lyrics reflect the wedding’s spirit and theme.


Choosing the bridal party entrance song requires more thought and effort than many people believe. The song choice should reflect the couple’s personality, the wedding’s theme, and the guests’ preferences. Couples should communicate their preferences to the DJ, choose individual songs for each bridal party member, and be careful with the song lyrics to ensure the entire wedding event flows seamlessly. By avoiding common misconceptions about bridal party entrance songs, couples can provide a memorable and personalized experience for their guests on this wonderful day.

Bridal Party Songs Entrance

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