Bridal shop suffers water damage after frozen pipe bursts

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WSMV) – Frozen and busted pipes over Christmas weekend caused a Nashville couture bridal shop to temporarily close its doors and look for an alternative to continue doing business.

The owner of Eleven Bridal Curvy Couture said her bridal shop flooded on Christmas Day and it was brought to her attention by the business owner next door to hers.

Taneka Cole, owner of Eleven Bridal, said the financial impact of the water pouring down into her business is easily at least $200,000 in business property – a present on Christmas Day she didn’t see coming.

“It was our Christmas Day surprise,” Cole said.

That surprise in the form of water from the front to the back of the store and on everything in between.

“Standing water on the floor, our ceiling fan fell straight down,” Cole said.

The owner of the bridal shop said they were told on Christmas Day a pipe burst at a residential property on the third floor and seeped down to the first floor.

“A lot of places had frozen pipes, so they were thinking that was the cause of the pipe burst, the freezing weather,” Cole said. “Everything was soaked. Our couch drenched, all of our inventory. Some of it was more drenched than others.”

For this one-woman bridal shop, her biggest worry now isn’t the damage.

“I don’t want to disappoint my brides,” Cole said. “It’s not clean water that came down. It really was damage to the dresses. We have a full schedule for the next couple months and the thought of not being able to service these brides who already have a hard time shopping for their wedding dresses is very stressful.”

So far, she’s counted about 40 damaged dresses. Dresses she now can’t sell as busy bridal business months begin.

“I’m really hoping that insurance will come through and reimburse us for our dresses,” Cole said.

The bridal shop owner said she’s already had to turn some brides away because of the damage to her business.  She’s hoping to set up a temporary location soon.

“That’s what we’re working on right now, finding a temporary pop-up space where we can still see our brides and hopefully get some best selling dresses back in the store so we can have some nice things to show them,” Cole said.

Cole said the businesses next to her on the ground floor were also impacted.