Bride Accidentally Records Family Gossiping at Her Wedding

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Haylee Thorson - Author

The TikTok creator whose wife faked terminal bone cancer has no shortage of unhinged stories. Recently, @yayakampen revealed that she accidentally wiretapped her wedding when creating a DIY audio guest book. And the subsequent sound bytes were very telling.

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When sorting through the files, Yaya discovered that several family members gossiped during the ceremony, and she caught every single second on tape. Here’s how everything went down.

Two brides at their wedding

Source: TikTok/@yayakampen

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A bride accidentally recorded guests gossiping at her wedding.

In a recent TikTok, Yaya revealed that she accidentally caught family members gossiping about her and her partner’s decision to uninvite several homophobic people to their wedding when transcribing files for their audio guest book. The primary culprit? Her Aunt Cindy.

In the first of several snarky comments, Aunt Cindy chatted to two of Yaya’s cousins about why two people weren’t at the event.

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Cousin 1: “Weren’t you expecting __ and __ to be here?

Cousin 2: “Yes, I really did expect them to be here. Especially with __.”

Aunt Cindy: “You know they aren’t here because they were uninvited, right? It’s the same thing __ called and told me. Like how tacky and disrespectful can you be?”

And that wasn’t the only time Aunt Cindy gossiped about the situation. Throughout the recording, Yaya’s aunt calls her and her wife disrespectful and tasteless on multiple occasions.

“If you’re watching this and you’re Aunt Cindy’s lawyer, this is a made-up skit just for entertainment,” the bride jokes.

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The bride’s audio guest book caused the unintentional wedding wiretapping.

In Yaya’s first TikTok about the wedding gossip, she said she planned to have her wedding guests participate in an audio guest book where they would pick up a phone and leave their message. Then, a transcription company would compile audio into a vinyl record. However, the companies providing that service weren’t in her budget, so she created one herself.

She thrifted an old telephone and installed a mini audio recorder for the DIY audio guest book. However, she underestimated the recorder’s capabilities.

“When I was done with the day and looked at the files later that week, I realized it was so sensitive that it actually picked up voices from our entire venue,” she explained.

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When Yaya finally sat down to complete the audio guest book project, she realized that a few guests gossiped about her wedding. “That teeny tiny recorder picked up a lot of s–t I was not expecting,” she said.

According to the audio files, Yaya’s wedding caused a commotion in their small town and extended family because she and her partner uninvited several people. However, those individuals didn’t receive invitations because they didn’t support gay marriage.

In the follow-up TikTok containing the sound bytes Yaya picked up, users wanted to know where she currently stands with Aunt Cindy. “Soooo, how’s your relationship with Aunt Cindy now?” one person asked.

Another added, “The way I’d send aunt Cindy the recording with no context.”