Bride and groom dances with their dog at wedding ceremony. Watch viral video | Trending

Dogs are an important part of many people’s lives. So, it goes on without saying that they try to include them in every aspect or event of their life. In fact, many people make their dogs a big part of their wedding too. And recently, a video of a couple celebrating their marriage ceremony with their dog is going viral on social media. In a video shared by user Instagram user @ilovemyretrieverdog and initially uploaded on TikTok by @steppdunn722, you can see a couple dancing. The woman is wearing a white gown, while the man stands in a black suit. As they are dancing, the woman is holding the dog in her arms and making it dance with them.

Take a look at the video here:

Since this video was shared, it has been viewed 6.3 million times and also has more than six lakh likes and several comments. One person in the Instagram comments wrote, “This is so adorable. Congratulations.” Another person said, “This is too much but so precious at the same time. My pup would for sure be in the middle of us if he was at our wedding. Mr. Center of attention. ” A third person said, “It’s a lot of love and beautiful to see.” Many others have reacted using emojis.

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