Bride and groom do a dance-off at their wedding, people are loving it. Watch | Trending

Weddings are always fun, but more than that, wedding dances are the ultimate entertainment for guests. People love watching these dances and often cheer the person who is performing. Recently, a video of a bride and groom doing a dance-off at their wedding has gone viral on the internet.

In a clip shared by Instagram user Bonnie Su, you can see the groom’s side dancing in a video. The groom and his friends are energetically performing as the crowd cheers for them. This clip has been liked by more than one lakh people.

Take a look at the video of the groom and his friends dancing here:

In another video, you can see the bride and her friends grooving too. The bride is standing at the center, and the crowd cheers for her too. More than two lakh people have liked this clip.

Take a look at the video of the bride and her friends dancing here:

Ever since these videos were shared online, they have received a lot of reactions too. Many have loved the performances.

Here are some reactions:

One person in the Instagram comments section said, “I watched both, and I’m still gonna give it to the guys cause I’m laughing.” A second person said, “You both win! Especially since you have so many cooperative friends to make your day special. Congratulations.” A third person added, “At least now the kids have something to talk about on the wedding day.”

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