Bride and groom dragged on social media over raunchy cake topper

Talk about attention “grabbing.”

A bride and groom were dragged on TikTok after a guest revealed their rather untraditional wedding cake topper, Yahoo reported.

And it’s all causing quite a stir on whether or not the artful decoration was in poor taste.

Sharing a video of the wedding cake on the social media platform, the guest said: “I have never ever seen a cake topper like this.”

So what’s the deal with this cake topper and why is everyone buzzing about it?

If you take a look at the TikTok video, you won’t notice anything peculiar because at first, it looks like a sweet nod to their occupations. The bride on the cake topper is wearing a wedding dress and nurse’s hat and the groom is dressed as a fireman, but the cake topper has one hidden detail and it’s got people talking.

Within the TikTok video, as the guest panned to the back of the cake topper, the bride’s dress is lifted up by the fireman groom, revealing her blue underwear.

There’s that something blue every bride needs.

And it almost looks like the groom is grabbing the bride’s behind, as well.

According to Yahoo, TikTok users flocked to the comments on the platform to mock the newlyweds for the X-rated decoration.

“Absolutely not,” one said to which another replied, “Very tacky”.

“So classy,” a third sarcastically said.

“The way my jaw dropped,” somebody else wrote.

Others recognized the funny tidbit in the cake topper, with some even saying they loved it.

“I like it, but I’d have to have it at a second wedding with just friends no family,” a comment read.

“I would love to have this!! It’s fun,” one wrote.

“This is hysterical,” a third said.

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