Bride and groom roasted for using potatoes instead of confetti

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A married couple is being criticized for using mashed potato powder instead of confetti at their wedding.
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Perhaps they wanted their first dance to be the mashed potato.

A newlywed couple opted to have guests shower them with instant mashed potato powder instead of confetti as they exited the chapel.

However, people were confused by the idea, some feeling shocked and utterly disgusted.

In a Facebook post, a photographer who was working at the event revealed that the bride wanted to save money by using mashed potato powder instead of rice or flower bits.

The photographer wrote that the mashed potato particles went “everywhere” and wound up in guests’ hair, clothes and drinks.

Some of the powder mixed with sweat, creating a vomit-inducing mushy mixture.

Social media users shared their tots on the couple’s choice, saying the idea to have potatoes instead of confetti is “bizarre,” “gross” and “disgusting.”

A wedding photographer shared the experience on Facebook.Reddit/JohnDeLancieAnon

“Instant mashed potatoes as confetti is unimaginable in my head. Like what the f–k?” one person said.

“Gross! Someone did NOT think through what happens to dehydrated food when it hits sweat. Even ‘normal’ amounts of sweat,” someone else added.

Potato powder got into guests’ hair and clothes. Getty Images

However, some people applauded the cost-saving hack, saying using food instead of plastic shreds of paper is better for the environment.

A user explained: “Dehydrated potatoes don’t need to be cleaned up like paper, they’re safe for wildlife, and they don’t harm the environment.”

Boxes of instant mashed potatoes were used at an unnamed couple’s nuptials.Getty Images/iStockphoto

This couple isn’t the only one being criticized for their wedding choices. Another bride went viral recently for banning kids at her wedding. A California woman — who goes by the username @AshleeyLaam — posted a clip to TikTok where she was dancing alongside the caption: “POV [point of view]: You have no kids at your wedding.”

She then explained in the video that “while we love your kids our wedding will be an adults-only (18+) event due to space and budget constraints.” 

She then asked her guests to “take a night off and celebrate with us!” 

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