Bride and Groom Tattooed Each Other During Wedding in Lithuania

  • Kotryna, 28, and Arturas Nauseda, 31, were married on June 3 in Kaunas, Lithuania. 
  • Kotryna initially wanted to wear a white gown but changed her mind before the wedding. 
  • The couple also tattooed each other during their ceremony. 

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Kotryna Nauseda planned to wear a Dior-inspired white gown at her wedding but changed her mind just one day before walking down the aisle. 

Kotryna, a 28-year-old lifestyle medicine specialist and art director, tied the knot with Arturas Nauseda, 31, in an intimate ceremony on June 3. The couple, based in Lithuania, have been together for six years.

“We got engaged after three years of our relationship,” Kotryna told Insider. “It was a romantic and emotional engagement by the Baltic Sea.” 

Kotryna shared footage of their wedding two days afterward on TikTok, where it went viral with over 996,000 views. Many users praised Kotryna’s wedding ensemble, which included a gray floor-length dress with a plunging neckline and green strap heels.  

Kotryna initially had a Dior-inspired dress made for her wedding but started having second thoughts 

Following the engagement, Kotryna had two custom gowns created to wear during the ceremony: a white Dior-inspired gown and a gray dress inspired by a German designer. 

Kotryna recalled the moment she first spotted the Dior dress.

“Just after I met Arturas, I saw an elegant white vintage dress from Dior’s 2000 collection on the internet and told myself that one day it would be my wedding dress,” Kotryna said.

Kotryna and Arturas Nauseda Wedding

Kotryna showed off her gray wedding dress in a TikTok video.

Kotryna Nauseda/TikTok

But Kotryna felt increasingly unsure about the white gown as the wedding approached. 

“I was trying on the white dress and I didn’t feel good,” Kotryna said. “The day before the wedding, I showed both dresses to my best friend, asking for advice on which one to wear. When I asked the question, I already knew the answer.”

Kotryna explained that asking the question out loud allowed her to be honest with herself and what she wanted on her wedding day.

“In a loose, good quality natural fabric dress, I felt the way a bride should feel on her wedding day,” Kotryna said, adding that she’s not a traditional person and embraces a holistic lifestyle. “Although the realization that I was no longer fitting into the framework of an old dream was not easy, I felt amazing on my wedding day.” 

Kotryna and Arturas gave each other tattoos after exchanging vows

Kotryna and Arturas opted for a non-traditional wedding service that included a master of holistic wedding ceremonies. Holistic ceremonies typically encourage couples to practice wellness during the planning stages and may see them incorporate personal aspects into the ceremony.

Kotryna and Arturas Nauseda Wedding

Arturas and Kotryna tattooed each other during their wedding.

Kotryna Nauseda/TikTok

“While preparing for the big day and communicating with the master of holistic wedding ceremonies, we received an offer to perform a ritual that would give meaning to our union,” Kotryna said. “The ideas presented seemed too banal, so we came up with our own.”

Kotryna and Arturas tattooed each other with symbols personal to them and their relationship. 

“We both have a lot of tattoos and art is close to our hearts, so the idea of tattooing each other with a symbol came very quickly and naturally,” she said. “Originally, Arturas and I tattooed each other with the symbol “222” for union in both the Bible and numerology, and because on June 2 we officially became husband and wife.” 

Kotryna added that guests were also tattooed at the ceremony. 

“Many friends, even those who did not have a single tattoo, got two dots tattooed for our wedding. The most tattoos were done by me and Arturas,” she said. 

Kotryna and Arturas Nauseda Wedding

The couple embracing (left) and dancing with guests (right) at their wedding.

Kotryna Nauseda/TikTok

Footage of the wedding showed the couple dancing alongside guests, holding each other in warm embraces, cutting their three-tier cake, and Arturas deejaying during the event.

“Although he is not a DJ, he had been learning to play for a while before the wedding,” Kotryna said. “His carefully chosen and meaningful songs made everyone feel free and liberated.”