Bride and groom’s ‘inconsiderate’ wedding attire sparks debate

People are polarized over a couple’s casual wedding attire. Michigan wedding photographer Cassidy Lynne posted footage of a client’s ceremony on Instagram. Instead of formal wear, the happy bride and groom changed into sweatsuits for their reception. You wouldn’t think it was such a big deal as long as the couple was happy. However, the unconventional looks sparked a debate over what is an appropriate wedding dress code. “I love when couples say screw tradition and find unique and fun ways to show their personalities on their wedding day and start new trends,” Cassidy Lynne wrote in the caption. The video received over 18 million views and people had a lot of thoughts. “It’s a no for me on this trend. All your guests are in fancy clothes but here you are in sweats. It’s inconsiderate to me,” one person said. “Let’s normalize wearing whatever we want at weddings, no one wants to spend thousands on a dress they only wear once,” someone said