Bride Asks Sister To Leave Her Wedding After She Announced Her Elopement

After a woman accidentally upstaged her sister on her wedding day by announcing her own marriage, the bride asked her and her husband to leave.

While the woman didn’t completely believe that she was to blame for the drama, she still went to Reddit’s “r/AmItheA–hole” (AITA) thread to ask people what they think.

AITA is a place where a person shares their situation and internet user can vote on whether they think that person is at fault.

The woman announced at the wedding that she and her husband had eloped a couple of months ago.

The couple wanted to keep their union a private matter at least for a year so they didn’t tell any of their family members.

Before she decided when she was going to tell her family, her sister’s wedding took place so she and her husband drove down to the venue for the wedding weekend.

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The only problem with trying to keep this secret was that there was an obvious tell-tale sign that she was married — her wedding ring.

“Being married almost two months means wearing those rings has just become second nature. I don’t take it off and I hardly remember I’m wearing it unless someone points it out to me,” the woman wrote. 

The next day at breakfast, her mother noticed the rings on the couple’s hands.

She had gotten an idea of what those could be but still asked the woman about it.

“We attempted to change the course of the conversation without outright lying, but my mother kept pushing until we finally admitted that yes, we had gotten married back in June,” the woman explained.

The bride got angry and asked the two to leave the venue.

The woman apologized for making such an announcement after realizing how angry her sister was.

However, the bride still asked them to leave the place.

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Upon inquiring about the bride’s mood, the members of the bridal party told the woman that the rest of the wedding day went quite smoothly but the bride was still angry at her.

“She thought we had worn the rings specifically to steal the light of her big day,” the woman added.

Redditors thought that the woman had been wrong even if the topic of elopement came up accidentally.

One user wrote, “I don’t believe for a second you didn’t have one thought between the two of you that wearing wedding bands wouldn’t attract questions…You could have left your wedding bands at home, or told people in advance.”

Another user wrote, “I don’t know what community you are from, but in almost all, [elopement] is a pretty big deal; I can understand how your sister came to the conclusions that she did.”

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However, few people thought that the bride might have been overreacting in the situation.

“Other people have lives that don’t revolve around you as a central character. It’s not like they stood up in the middle of the vows and declared that they had also just gotten married,” one person commented.

Another person commented, “You didn’t show up waving your hand around going ‘we did a thing’….your mother pushed and pushed and you answered. You didn’t hog the reception for ‘the grand announcement’.”

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